A Very Fairy Birthday

Monday, January 23, 2012
Evie’s made a wish
please help it come true
She wants to be a Fairy Princess
and celebrate with you…
The invitations went out weeks ago.  She’s been anticipating and helping plan with such excitement.
On the eve of her party, I tucked her in bed and told her, “when you wake up in the morning, come straight to my room and we’ll give you a bubble bath before your Fairy Princess Party.
To say she was excited would be a tremendous understatement.
At 3:54 am, she wandered into our bedroom, hoodie towel in hand, ready for her bath and for her special day to get started:)
Forgive me for the picture overload….these are a small smattering of the 200+ photos this camera-crazy mommy snapped at her party.

Evie’s wonderful aunt Josie and her very own Fairy Godmother “Zephyr” got the girls all glitzed up for the party.  Zephyr arrived with all kinds of fairytale magic to share.  Fantastic wings adorned her costume and she engaged the party guests with a sweet quiet demeanor that enchanted us all.  
Little nymphs lined up to get butterflies painted on their face, glitter hairspray and nails polished in Zephyrs very-fairy-boutique.  
Zephyr unpacked garlands of flowers for their hair, sheer wings and colorful tutus for the girls to play dress up in.

With sweet Zephyr engaging the girls with dancing games and story time, I was freed up to do what I love doing at parties……


 I decided my favorite part of a party is that; the preparations and the pictures!
In my “spare time” …..some-day…. that would be my dream job….
Id plan parties.  All kinds of parties.  
I already have a dozen birthday parties in mind (Pinterest has become quite a vice!)  Wonder if a business would ever take off where parents told me their “theme” and I could do all the shopping, planning, decorating, food prep and organizing.  I just have too many fun ideas swirling around in my head and the next 18 years with my own 6 kids birthdays just isn’t going to be enough:)

Brunch was next on this rainy cold Saturday morning….
Fairy Bread
French toast
Lemon Tarts
Cake pops
Cranberry Spritzer
Hot Chocolate
and…of course…butterfly CUPCAKES!

The “REAL” Fairy Godmothers pictured below.  Evie’s adoring grandmothers who have seen her through so much, kept vigil through sleepless nights, supported us physically and emotionally and prayed tirelessly for our little miracle girl!  
She loves her Grandmoni and Patti-cake!

No fairy party would be complete without wishing “Pixie Dust”.
Wings, wands and magic fairy dust went home with Evies guests as favors with strict instructions that the magic ONLY works if the dust used outside. 🙂
Happiest of birthdays to our little 4 year old Fairy Princess. 
How blessed you are to have such a precious group of friends, wonderful loving grandparents, aunts and siblings.  
You are one very loved little girl!
 May all your dreams come true!  

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