A Doozie!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Catastrophe was kept at bay for the entire week that I was on the other side of the world and out of telephone contact. And for that I am grateful.

Under the loving, caring supervision of my mother, my sister and my sister-in-law, the kiddos evaded stitches, broken bones, ER visits and even so much as a bump or bruise and had a marvelous time being spoiled by aunties and grandparents!
That is until….

Until I was an hour away making the final leg of my trip by car back home. I received a phone call that Evie had slipped while dancing in her socks and whacked the bridge of her nose on an iron rung on our barstool.
Because Evie cried herself to sleep (wouldnt you?) and was a bit lethargic, there was concern about a possible concussion, so her sweet pediatrician told me to bring her in right away to be monitored.
Poor little baby slept in my arms through half the exam and then woke screaming. Our wonderful Dr. did a thorough check and said she couldn’t rule out that Evie may have broken her nose.
However, until the swelling goes down, it is not easy to access so we’ll go back in two weeks for the verdict. She felt confident that there was not internal bleeding and that the risk of anesthesia needed for a CT scan wasn’t worth it unless Evie became more symptomatic. We were told to monitor her closely and wake her every 3 hours through the night to make sure she wasnt sleeping too soundly.
That was no problem since she didnt sleep that night!
Scars may be sexy on guys.
Bruises a sign of power and athleticism.
However Evie darling, this particular shade of black and blue is not becoming on a princess!

  • Faith M. says:

    poor sweet baby girl! Maggie fell off our barstool this fall and hit her ear. The bruise was AWFUL! I hope Evie’s sweet nose heals quickly and that no permanent cosmetic damage was done to her beautiful face. However, I’m so glad she’s okay!

  • shannon says:

    Oh no. Kaiti had almost the same thing happen to her a little over a year ago. She was dancing on the tile in her socks and feel face first, and did not put her hands out to brace herself. She took the brut of it on her nose, and it was fractured in 2 places. After the ER, her ped referred her to ENT, to which they said they could not reset it because it would continue to change as she grew older, so to reassess later. Oy! And my only girl continues to be the accident prone child of the bunch.
    Poor Evie! We did learn that ice cream seems to make all better 🙂

  • daysease says:

    What a sweet little beauty she is… even with her new life “war scars”. My second son did that on the propane gas heater grill. I was terrified. it was a very traumatic experience for me. he looked worse than Evie.. swelled up tremendously, but once it went down, he maintained the same black and blueness. Good as new now. So glad that she is alright. sigh…

  • Karen says:

    oh my…poor baby!!! hope she heals fast!

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