9 years ago

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

9 years ago today, C took me for a spin.
I was test driving a car for the weekend that I was thinking of purchasing. I remember it was cute. It was white. It looked sleek, but there was a slight glitch. Problem was, it was a stick shift.
Problem was, I didnt have a clue how to drive one.
C had come to visit my family for the weekend (we’d been dating for a year) and following breakfast with my daddy, he vowed he would make a competent driver out of me. Little did I know the poignant exchange that had taken place between my father and him at breakfast. Little did I know, a green velvet box he was concealing in his jacket held a promise for me.
We set out for drivers ed and the mood quickly turned sour. He tried to patiently teach me (once), and then grew frustrated. Telling someone “its not that hard” when they are clearly having a hard time is not altogether helpful! I got hurt and mad and sulky. A great way to go into a proposal, dont you think?
I laugh now looking back. We quickly moved past our spat and found ourselves lost in the sunset on a bench overlooking the Chatahoochee river when he asked me if we could go on making memories together forever and dazzled me with a diamond.
And memories we have made! Today, nine years later, I am accompanying C on a trip to India. We are exploring if this might be where God is moving our family to next. Its been two years since we left the mission field in Ukraine and Im intrigued to see what doors He is opening and where He might be leading. My “love language” is adventure. Life with C has been just that! Im so glad he asked.
And just for the record, I still cant drive a stick shift…….and never will. If he married me without knowing, there is no incentive to ever get behind the wheel with him in the passenger seat again!

  • Karen says:

    love it!! Can’t wait to hear about India! Wow!! Maybe we can set up that phone date when you get back. love you friend!

  • Nicole-Lynn says:

    Cute story! India? wow! Very exciting!

  • *mush, mush*

    you would look awesome in indian garb . . .

  • Leighann says:

    Happy Belated Anniversary. My husband tried to teach me how to drive stick shift too. Didn’t work out so well. I resorted to having a friend teach me.

  • daysease says:

    What a beautiful story… God’s ways are certainly perfect… remember, as He has been faithful in the past, He will continue to be… He is the SAME yesterday, today and forever.


    Happy Belated Anniversary!

  • daysease says:

    Oh, funny thing, My husband tried to teach me, too… Horrible time of it. traumatic. a few years back, my hubby’s uncle came to visit us here in Italy, when he found out I did not know how to drive stick, he told me to drive his rental car until I knew how. BRAVE man!! but his confidence in me and the fact that he was not freaking out in the passenger seat made me try my hardest and beat it!! Yay!! so glad for Uncle G!! 🙂

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