9 Months

Saturday, March 3, 2012
Growing, growing, growing!!
My lil’ protégé also loves Nikon:)
 Three-quarters of a year.  Oh my!!
Your nine month birthday post is late.  Not because I forgot, but because your momma is O-C-D!  I was waiting on this cute shirt to arrive to take your birth-month pictures in.  
I know.  I know.  Im ridiculous!  But playing “dress up” with my little doll never gets old.
And honestly, it is because all of the sudden, nothing fits you!  You seem so big to me.  Its like you grew up overnight and all your 6 month clothes can’t be snapped shut.  Its hard to find 9 month sizes and 12 months are just too big on you.
I still can’t figure it out….you’re my newborn baby girl that I just brought home from the hospital…..like….yesterday.

You are so. much. fun!
Everyone who meets you comments on how easy-going and pleasant you are.  What a delight you are to our family.  The kids are always sad to kiss you goodbye in the morning and you are the first thing they play with when they get home from school.  You are finally on a bit of a schedule with a morning nap in your crib and an afternoon nap on in the carpool line.
Your nighttime sleeping however has digresses.  You’ve gone from waking up once at night to waking every couple hours…crying…and unable to go back to sleep sometimes.  As much as I love our one-on-one 2-4:00am playtime, your momma is tired!
And I think I know the culprit….

You’re getting teeth!!
You cut your first one chewing on a silver spoon at a tea party celebrating Grandmoni’s birthday.  Pretty sure that classifies you as the high-maintenace “born with a silver spoon in your mouth” kinda girl.  You now have both your bottom teeth and one of your top teeth just came through yesterday.  The other one is bulging and looks painful. 
Consequently, everything is a teether toy to you….
…..keys, iron legs of the barstools, mama’s jewelry, spoons and…..leaves….
You’re a pro at standing and are mastering the “monkey crawl”.  Hands and feet on the ground….cute tushie up in the air.
We have a little routine….I prompt you to say “ma-ma“.  You smile real big and reply “da-da“.  
It sends the kids into hysterics.
I fail to see the humor.
Daddy of course is eating it up.
Little stinker!
But you do have a new trick that we’re all very proud of.  You do “Patty-cake” and get rounds of applause from the whole family!!  
You’re so full of your self!

We pretty much adore everything about you.  
Your one single curl behind your right ear.
Your stunning blue eyes.
Your arms that reach for us.
Your buddha-belly that loves to be ticked.
Your chunky-monkey thighs.
Your kissable toes.

You spent your first night away from mommy this week.  I was attending a birth and you stayed with Grandma and kept her and Miss Diane and Miss Kim up all night.  We’ve got to work on this sleeping thing!
How can such a little cherub be so much t-r-o-u-b-l-e!
Happy 9 month birthday little darling!
hugs and kisses

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