8 Months

Wednesday, January 25, 2012
What happened to my newborn baby?!  

Cant believe how fast you’ve grown and can’t stand that you’re getting mobile! 
Thats the difference between baby #1 and baby #6.  With the twins, I remember coaching crawling and sitting up and couldn’t wait for them to pass the next milestone.
You…..I just wish I could slow you down! 
You have totally taken off this month.  Last month at this time, you were just getting your balance sitting up.  Now you’ve perfected your crawl and there is no stopping you now.  
“Mischief” is your middle name!  Im realizing my failings as a good housekeeper because I feel like Im constantly chasing you around swabbing your mouth for whatever you’ve found….paper scraps…..twist ties….dust bunnies….uuugh!!!
Just this week, you’ve discovered something new.  
Only problem is, you get up and then can’t figure out how to get down!
Theres no denying you’ve got “ma-ma” down pat!  Love hearing you babble it over and over and over!  And we think you’re trying to give kisses too.  The kids all laugh so hard when you pucker up and smack your lips.
You are so entertained by your big brother and sisters.  You light up when they get home from school and they obligingly take turns rolling around with you on the floor or carting you around the house like the baby doll that you are.
I have to say that Abi is one exceptional big sister!  ….not your average 9 year old!
For the last two weeks, Abi has rocked you to sleep and laid you down every night while Mommy grabs a shower.  She is so proud of her ability to get you to sleep all by herself and Mommy is so grateful for all her help!
You’re still pretty petite with one exception….You’ve got some thighs girl!  Sorry, but you’ve got me to thank for those rolls.  Why is it that they look so much cuter on you than on me?:)
Your camera-crazy momma has had so much fun with you the past couple weeks.  We’ve been super busy with bookings modeling and photographing several boutiques upcoming seasonal and spring lines.  What could be more fun than having a job taking pictures of you?! 
Special thanks to Dayspring Dresses, Klassy Kouture and Mia Carina!  

Still no teeth yet, but they must be moving because EVERYTHING goes into your mouth.  My earrings are currently your favorite teething toy…..ouch! You are showing interest in “real” food, but we’ve not introduced anything more than a few tastes of frosting and ice cream just to see your reaction.  You loved chewing on a carrot stick yesterday.  But nothing compares with momma’s milk just yet!  
Happy 8 month birthday baby girl!

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