6th Birthday Tradition

Sunday, January 19, 2014
Its a family tradition!
My grandpa made one for me on my 6th birthday.
And did the same for my 3 sisters.
C took on the challenge with Abi and Britain and Izzy.
This year it was Evies turn to add a cute Charleston style pale yellow Victorian home to our lovely miniature neighborhood.
They say it takes a village to raise a child.
SO grateful for Lin and Rasee for helping me carry on this tradition so far from home.  We got the very last Victorian dollhouse in South East Asia, Im pretty sure!
Being that she got both her daddys organizational OCD 🙂 and her mommas knack for decorating, she approaches dollhouse play a bit different from your average 6 year old.  Instead of make-believe interaction with the tiny dolls, she is interested only in organizing rooms and rearranging furniture….and not too pleased when Gigi takes to dollhouse play in a more traditional manner.
Evie – my child whom when she was only 2 would take paper dolls and arrange rows of undergarments, skirts, dresses, accessories and never cared to actually “play” or dress them.  Just organize their closet.  I see a personal assistant position in her future.
Or at least a lucky husband who will have his closet immaculately color-coded.
Happy Birthday darling!
Enjoy every minute of your beautiful girlhood!

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