6 Months

Saturday, November 26, 2011
Half a year….already!?!?!?
Among the things I am most grateful for this weekend is this little Punkin’ Pie and the 6 months we’ve been privileged to call her our own.  Gabriella (“God is my might”) has already exhibited to us the awesome grace of God through the answer to prayer her little life is.  Amazing for me to think of last year at this time….
It was on this very day last year that we “announced” our news to our family that we were expecting.
There were so many questions and potential “risks” ahead of us, but all of this He knew! 
God is my might!
Despite a risky pregnancy and early delivery, she couldnt be more perfect!  We give thanks!

Breaking tradition of waiting for your first birthday, Uncle Isaac insisted on giving Gigi her first taste of icecream on Thanksgiving.  
Thankfully, she is not ready to trade up from Momma’s milk to Blue Bell.  She was unimpressed!
OK, this picture has me absolutely in stitches laughing!  Lest there be any doubt…..just because they have a camera-crazy momma, doesnt mean my children just naturally pose and smile for the camera…apparently, neither do I:)
Could we possibly be any more scattered?  Oh the dozens of outtakes we go through to get the (semi) perfect family photo!

Sweet little baby blue eyes….we love you so!
You’re tipping the scales at just over 15 lbs.  Not bad for a “preemie”:)
We set up a swing and a johnny-jump-up for you this month and you LOVE it.  It gives mommy a little break when I need both hands for a project, but you still love your kangaroo pouch (Baby Bjorn) most of the time.
Your on an antibiotic for your 6th ear infection right now and have caught a version of Evie’s respiratory junk.  But you wouldnt know it….you are one happy baby!
You are bored with laying down and constantly do these little “crunches” trying to sit up when we lay you down to play.
And you have a LOVIE!  I think its so cute that you have a favorite thing to cuddle with…your monogrammed Bunny-blankie from Mrs. Whittinghill is preferred over anything else.  You’re such a snuggler!
Everyone comments that “their baby would never leave a bow in their hair.”  I tell them that when you’ve had a giant bow affixed to your head since you were an hour old, you dont know that it isnt permanently attached:)  
(and we’d like it to stay that way Uncle Derek….dont go teaching her tricks!)
Happy 6 Month Birthday little love!

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