Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Thank you all for interceding and for your notes of encouragement…Our assurance that God is in control and holding our wee one in the palm of His hand is the only comfort we can cling to right now!
Some big praises for today:
-Swelling in her leg from the shunt they put into her heart yesterday has gone down!  They are now getting a pulse reading where they weren’t yesterday.  Circulation is improving!
-Evie’s oxygen levels in her blood have improved tremendously!  She was on 80% oxygen last night.  They weaned her down today and she is holding her own.
-After two trials, she proved strong enough to breath on her own.  They removed her respiratory tube around 6:00 today.
-Evie wa
s able to breast feed tonight.  This was a HUGE praise after 48 hours of not eating.  We got in two feeding this evening.  Getting to hold her was as therapeutic for mommy as it was for Evangeline!!
-We were given a house only 10 minutes from the hospital to stay in for the next few days – what a blessing!

Continue to pray:
-Our consultation with Dr. Bradley tomorrow afternoon.  This will entail scheduling of her surgery.  He currently has surgeries scheduled for Monday and Tuesday, but the nurses who have been attending us are advising him to push Evie’s surgery up to Tuesday rather than waiting till later in the week.  Pray for wisdom for him!
-She is getting medication to help her pee.  They are a bit concerned about some retained water and the possibility of water building up around her heart.
-Pray that her vital readings would remain stable so she can continue to breast feed and be held and gain strength before the operation.

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