Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Couple of things to be praying:

1) last night some of the numbers dropped and they decided to go ahead and give the medication that opens back up the valve between the main & distal pulmonary arteries.  This gives 2 possibilities for the blood to mix, between the arteries and in the upper chambers of the heart.  They had wanted the balloon put in the wall of the upper chambers of the heart to be enough.  It hasn’t been and so now they are opening up the valve as a secondary place for mixing to happen.  Pray that she continues to strength and that the medication does last.  There is slight possibility over time that the valve closes in spite of the medication.  They have said that they will not try to stop the medication for the valve again before the surgery.

2) Good news is that she is still off the respirator and can still breast feed.  We are praying that this will continue until the surgery.  This is a big area of prayer because the medication does have side effects that lead to them have to administer other meds for blood pressure, heart rate, etc.

Thanks for praying,

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