Monday, February 25, 2008

There is no doubt in our mind that God has spared this precious girl for a purpose and we have prayed from day one of this journey that her little life would bring Him glory. We are in awe by the lives that have been touched by her story and look forward with anticipation to how the Lord will continue to use her testimony to His faithfulness in her life as she grows!
After nearly 4 weeks in the hospital, it was with great joy that we brought our Evie home from the hospital in Charleston – a day we questioned would ever come. There was a very excited welcoming committee to receive her!

She is a bit of a high maintenance baby and came with quite a package…Sleep apnea, oxygen and breathing monitors…seven doses of different medications every day…wound dressing kit to be changed twice a day…plus the normal time consuming feedings, diaperings, burping and bathing that come with every baby. Tremendously grateful that my mother is here helping and that our church is providing meals!
Its amazing what a difference a couple pounds make when you’re this tiny. Compared to the butterball 9 lb. baby we brought home from the hospital when she was born, this baby looks pretty skinny now! A humorous exchange when I took her to the pediatrician this week and she weighed in at a scrawny 7 1/2 lbs.:
nurse: “Goodness, she’s a peanut! Was she just born?”
Mandy: “well, no, acutally she’s 5 weeks old”
nurse: “Oh my, was she premature?”
Mandy: “Believe it or not, she was 2 1/2 weeks post date”
nurse: (looking befuttled) “well she must have been tiny when she was born, huh?”
Mandy: “No, she weighed 9 lbs. when she was born” 🙂
This poor little tyke has been through a lot. She’s thriving being home…gaining weight…cooing…smiling…making great eye contact and captivating our hearts!

Would you keep our family in your prayers. As I write, C is making the 24 hour drive from Ukraine to Rotterdam Holland where he will ship our car back to the states. A dear friend has driven with him and I got a call from the guys that they both have come down with the flu. Pray for safety on the icy roads and that there will be no hassle shipping the car and that he can book a flight home soon. We are very anxious to be reunited as a family again.

Words fail me as I want to thank each of you who have stood with us through this trial. Gods goodness overwhelms me and we are humbled by all He has done. Thank you praying friends!

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