Wednesday, October 22, 2008

“I just can’t handle all this drama!”

I am officially loosing it.  Evidenced by the fact that I have fed my kids McDonlds….twice in the last week.   It seems we’re frequently driving home from a Dr’s appointment at 1:00 and everyone is hungry and the babies are crying and tired and……..well………There are worse things, right?
Really, we are ok.  Just relaxing some of the standards around here to cope.:-)

Evie was checked out this morning by her pediatrician.  She has lost half-a-pound.  Probably because of the lasix she’s been taking to get her to pee off the fluid on her lungs.  But she just cant afford to loose weight. So we’re supplementing special soy formula since her reflux doesnt handle the normal stuff.  And, since the little princess refuses a bottle, I am “force-feeding” drop-by-drop through a syringe. Whatever it takes to get in some extra calories.

She has still required oxygen at night, but her lungs are much improved and her breathing has been comfortable.  Praise the Lord!

Basically we’re in a “holding pattern” for a few days.  The Dr. in Charleston who needs to review her CT scan is out of the country till Monday.  So we’re just trying to get her healthy and strong so we can proceed after his evaluation.  

Your comments and e-mails and calls of concern have meant so much and your prayers are carrying us through another difficult chapter!

  • I am out here thinking and praying for you. My having a daughter the same age as Evie just really makes me ache for what you are going through. Continued prayers, love and support for you all….

  • Karen says:

    hey friend…thanks for the update–wow- you are really going through it. Praying for you…for the kids and for Evie…for PEACE and strength and endurance.
    Oh…and don’t feel too bad about the mcdonalds–i have weeks in Kiev where I have gone 2 or 3 times!! I should feel more guilty! 🙂 But hey they have the best and cheapest lattes in town! 🙂
    Love you friend!!!

  • Mandi says:

    BTW, I’ve eaten at the McDonalds in Kiev. 🙂

  • Kelly says:

    Oh dear friend!! Praying for you guys!!! Praise the Lord for McD’s!!! We totally understand!!! Don’t feel bad!! I wish we could do more than pray!! We are!! We love and miss you! Thanks for keeping us updated!!

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