4 Weeks

Friday, April 27, 2012
 Nope.  Not 4 weeks pregnant!  Who me?!
4 weeks until my brand new baby girl turns 1!!  How did that even happen?
Ooh my funny bunny….Mommy may be a little sentimental about this post.  Until you are a year, you’re still technically a “baby” and Mommy is hanging onto that with every fiber of my being.  Next month, we’ll celebrate your birthday and you’ll pass a milestone into “toddlerhood”.  
Just LOOK at you now!!!
I saw a beautiful ‘ready-to-pop’ pregnant mommy tonight and it made me just a little sad.  Remembering last year at this time, all the discomforts of pregnancy, but also the incomparable anticipation of meeting our sweet new baby.  How have 11 months flown by and Im now gazing at my not-so-new baby girl growing, growing, growing!?….
Your ‘crawl’ is more of a monkey walk.  You scoot around on your right knee with your left foot propelling you and your tush up in the air.  Ive never seen anything like it.  And you can move!  You are not going to be left behind by your inability to walk, so you race around on your little lopsided legs keeping up with the best of them.
But first steps are soon to follow.  You’ve just mastered standing up without pulling up on anything.  You stand and immediately clap since that is the response you get from all of us every time you do it.  You are full of yourself!
You made a full recovery from that nasty RSV virus that made you so very very sick for your first Easter.  Broke our heart to see you in tears for days and days!
You are starting to experiment with new foods.  But mommas milk is still your favorite and thats ok with me.  Seeing this little face peek over her crib and arms stretch out to be picked up and snuggled each morning just makes any day worth climbing out of bed for!
You’re still an awesome car rider.  Put you in your carseat and you’ll go straight to sleep.  Such a good girl!
And what happened to the tiny schmoo that was swallowed up in this carseat when we brought our “preemie” home from the hospital?  I mean, look at those thighs!

I love, love, love that you have a lovie!  A true velveteen rabbit that is already so nappy and worn and…..loved!
And you are just a pill.  Couldn’t believe what happened last night….
So, for months, bath time has been an absolute battle.  I mean, screaming, trying to climb out of the tub, big crocodile tears, the whole nine yards.  We’ve tried the tub….alone….with sisters….the shower…..with mommy…..the sink….the hose (ok, not really)….but just about everything to find a way to make bath time pleasant to no avail.
Last night, (being the sympathetic mom that I am,) I decided to snap a picture of your little bath time meltdown….for the baby book and all.  Apparently you are trained.  Your reaction to the camera was ridiculous….
“no!!  not bath time again!”
“wait….is that your camera?”
“ooh, I know…so that means Im supposed to…”
“…do something adorable”
“who me?  Oh Im cute?”
“well….just watch what else I can do”
“here’s lookin at you kid”
Yep!  After endless battles and rivers of tears, you totally just rocked it for the camera.  
First bath without a fight…check!  

 Loving every minute of your baby-hood and savoring your sweet, clean, baby smell….your precious plump legs…..your giggle that bubbles until you spit up….your new tricks….your attempts at words….your beautiful baby-blues….your feet that keep kicking off shoes…..and your head resting on my heart.  

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