27 Weeks

Friday, March 11, 2011

I know it will be short lived, but this is the brief stage that I love. Im finally over the yucky first half, but not so far along that Im terribly uncomfortable yet. I love feeling the distinct arms and legs swimming around inside me. What a miracle! Gabriella definitely is a night owl already. When I finally crash at the end of the day, she’s ready to boogie. Gonna have to get that straightened out pronto!
I would seriously take a Chic-fil-A lemonade IV drip if I could. Its still the thing that tastes best to me any time of day. I find way too many excuses to route my trip to and from places so I conveniently drive by CFA. And little miss seems to like it too:-)
Bright and early tomorrow morning, C is taking Evie and I to Charleston, both for ECHO’s with the MUSC cardiologists. We are half way through the “critical” 10 weeks of rapid blood volume increase during pregnancy. This is the time frame they are most concerned that dilation could take place in my heart because of the increase of pressure that pregnancy causes. I feel so totally at peace about it and really haven’t worried a bit. However, we would covet your prayers that nothing will have changed tomorrow and that the doctors will not feel comfortable letting Lil’ Bit stay in there and “bake” for as long as possible. Additionally, pray for sweet Evie girl. These ECHO’s always make me nervous on my girl. Time and time again we are assured that everything looks good. But time and time again, I get a knot in my stomach when they look for any change as her heart grows.
Evie is all into this baby thing. She asks on a daily basis when Gigi is going to come. (Time is a hard concept when you are three!) She rubs my belly all the time and sings “You are my sunshine” to the baby. She’s got big plans for how she’s going to dress the baby and which hairbows she will and wont share. I hope she’s as wild about the new baby after she’s born as she is now. The other day she was sitting on my lap while I was reading to her. She was fidgiting and restless and finally turned to me in exasperation. “Mommy, Gigi taking up too much room on your lap”!!

Oh honey. You have no idea! Its gonna get worse before it gets better!!

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