25 Weeks

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

On Wednesday we’ll be 25 weeks.
My my, the time is flying by!!
Nausea finally completely tapered off around 20 weeks – Praise the Lord!
Ive already gained a whopping 20 pounds thanks to my sweet neighbor who keeps bringing me Belgian Truffles and our dear friend in Seattle who sent us two dozen chocolate covered strawberries for Valenties Day. Thanks guys!
Baby is active and I love it! Im not one who really enjoys being pregnant, but this is my favorite part…feeling lil’ bit moving around and stretching those tiny limbs. Even the kids have been able to feel her kicking which is so special!
At my last appointment, my doctor told me:
Our goal is to get you to 32 weeks. Every week after that is a bonus. You most certainly will not be carrying this baby to term“.
If nothing drastic changes, the plan is to take her at 37 weeks. Crazy to think thats a short 12 weeks away!! The time has flown and Im both excited and nervous as I think how soon she could be here.
So we are a bit of a “house divided” when it comes to what we’re going to call our sweet girl. The name hasn’t changed, she will be Gabriella Juliette. Ive ordered things with monograms, so we’re committed:-). But, Gabriella is a big name for a little girl.
We’re toying with whether to call her
I love that “Gigi” is so original and it means her nickname would have the same initial as her “big girl” name. Plus, there seem to be a surpluss of “E” names these days…Ellie, Emmie, Elena…. But Ive kinda gotten attached to hearing Evie call this baby “Ella” for weeks now.
Your thoughts…?

  • Kelly says:

    I have always loved the name Ella, so that is what I would go with. But either is cute and fun for a little girl.

  • Donna says:

    I love her name!!! Gigi is AWFULLY cute but Ella is elegant and pretty too! You can’t go wrong.
    You,…look marvelous, my friend! So beautiful and healthy!! Glad your morning sickness is over and you feel better too. 12 weeks…yes, that will fly by. So sweet a time feeling those little arms and legs. Blessings!! ~D

  • Jessica Lusk says:

    Mandy, pregnancy suits you so well! You’re truly radiant! I really like the name Ella – it sounds like a little princess name and seems to fit in perfectly with the beautiful names of your other little princesses! 🙂 I love reading your blog and you’re on my prayer list for a healthy, FULL-term delivery! 🙂 When I unexpectedly went into labor at 36 weeks with my daughter, your comment about you having just assisted with a 36 week baby delivery and everything turned out great brought SO much encouragement to me! I read your comment just hours before my wee one arrived and I know the Lord used your comment on my FB page to bring me a great peace! So I am in turn praying mightily for you and your precious babe! Keep us updated and thank you for your sweet inspiration!

  • kwswimmer14 says:

    I LOVE the name Ella…it sooo fits with all of the other girls! Praying for your family and the new babe 🙂

  • Gabby says:

    I Love the name Ella but have to say also that my name is Gabrielle and I’ve ALWAYS LOVED being called Gabby. Just another thought. It would be less confusing for her when she learns to read/write if her nickname started with the same as her full name, so in that case I’d go with Gigi. Both are super cute.

  • Danielle says:

    Well….since my favorite name is Gabriella, because it can be shortened to Ella…I vote for Ella!!!! (I do like Gabby too!)

  • We have a TON of Ella’s in my group of friends and family even. I LOVE it, but like you love that Gigi is a bit differnt. They are all cute and I LOVE Gabriella!
    I am so glad to hear that you are donig well, was just thinking about you last night when saying prayers with Bella. Hope your health is good and will continue to pray for your health and that sweet babies health….and to stay in there as many weeks as she can!!
    OH!! Where in the world do you have 20 extra LBS??? You look great!! Hugs, Amy

  • Karen says:

    I don’t know…I love calling our Gabrielle ‘Gabriella’ even though it is longer! I think it is sweet….it is our ‘nick name’ for her– even thought it is longer!!

  • Rebecca says:

    You are GLOWING!!!! You know I could care less what your sweet girl is called…she’ll be princess to me either way!

    Perhaps we should embroider two pillows? 🙂

  • Crystal... says:

    I have always loved the name Ella.. I wanted an Elizabeth and I was gonna call her “Ella” BUT I also LOVE the nickname Gigi… very fun and cutsie… OH and I totally like the thought of having initials matching.. AND then you would have everyone in the family with “Their Own” letter.. haha.. Yes I am kinda quirky like that… But either way it is a cute name…. and you might just have to wait till she gets here.. We thought we were gonna call Emelia “Emma” but it just never fit who she was.. and so it never got used.

  • Keightley says:

    So enjoy your blog, Mandy! You are such a sweet Mommy and I’m so glad that you are feeling well. We have a little two year old cousin on my husband’s side of the family named Giovanna and she goes by Gigi! A very funny and spunky little girl. With either name, I’m sure she will be beautiful and loved! Best wishes!

  • Sarah Webb says:

    Gig is more unique, and I think that fits your family to a T. But, when she gets here, you will see which one “fits” her. You are beautiful!

  • Anonymous says:

    I like Gabby!

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