2 Months

Monday, July 25, 2011

The little peanut is 2 months old today.

Im so glad she’s decided to stay little.  This newborn stage is just the sweetest and she’s been in no hurry to outgrow it.  She went for her 8 week check up this week and is finally the size that Evie was when she was born…woohoo!  She tipped the scales at 9 1/2 lbs.  She’s grown 4 inches already though.  Long and lean.

Her check up was no fun.  She no-likey four immunizations.  ouch!  Actually, I think it was just as traumatizing for Izzy and Evie who were in the same room when Gigi got her shots.  They were cowering in the corner holding their ears because they couldnt stand to hear her cry.  It was so sweet/sad and sympathetic!

Although they always give you the papers on possible side effects of the shots, I dont think any of my other babies have ever responded to them like Gigi did.  It was pitiful!  She slept most of the day, but kept waking up screaming in pain.  I would try to comfort her but she was inconsolable and would whimper back to sleep only to wake screaming again.  She was refusing to eat and had a fever that night.    No fun!  By morning though, she was back to herself and doing this….


We have a new trick folks!  We think that gummy grin is just about the cutest thing ever!  She’s been much more comfortable the last couple weeks once we got some tummy troubles under control.  (You remember our ER visit a couple weeks ago?)  It turns out, the little miss is lactose intolerant which means, no dairy for mommy.  This mommy loves milk products…yogurt, creamy pasta, ice cream.  Since I probably eat my weight in cheese every day, this has been quite a discipline for me.  But worth it…I mean look at that happy baby!!

She’s taking a maximum dose of Zantac for reflux too.  Her whole little digestive track just needs a little maturing.  Hoping this will get everything under control so we dont have to bump up to any other meds.

Gigi is one easy baby.  God knew exactly what we needed when He gave us her as #6!!  She has been sleeping through the night since about 3 weeks old.  She goes to sleep around 10 or 11,  Usually once at night she’ll wake to be fed, and then stays with us to snuggle and sleep until 8…..or later:)…..SUCH a good baby!

The pediatrician asked at her visit if she is getting tummy time every day.  I had to laugh because….well….she’s not really getting back time either.  There just arent enough hours in the day for everyone to hold her as much as they want to.  She lives in the Baby Bjorn and is so content to be carried everywhere and nap throughout the day next to mommy.  I love it.  Another reason Im glad she’s only 9lbs!  Im going to need a good chiropractor if she starts to pork up!

The many expressions of Gigi

I cant believe how blessed we are to be entrusted with this precious little life.  What an unbelievable gift she is!  C has teased me relentlessly that Im like a little girl who never grew up.  Who never outgrew baby dolls.  He knows I have way too much fun picking out clothes, dressing her up and carrying my baby around.
That’s me.
My life.
Playing House.

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