1000 Gifts

Monday, August 29, 2011

I dont get to read as much as I used to.  But, I have to give a recommendation here to my mommy-friends!  Ive been slowly wading through Ann Voskamps book 1000 Gifts.  Have you read it?  Few books have so deeply challenged my daily outlook on life!  The basis is how to live in an attitude of eucharisteo.  That is, to receive with gratitude, that which is from the Lord as gift.  As grace!

How often we miss it….when we overlook all as having come from His hand, we then give way to grumbling and complaining instead.  Rather than praise, we speak poison.  Im finding, gratefulness is not my natural instinct.  Its an acquired skill.

Anne’s book poses a challenge.  An exercise in gratitude, in practicing praise.  Will my life really be transformed by a list?  No.  But perhaps a perspective change, a purposing to see gifts which are so easily overlooked, will impact my attitude.  My responses to my children…my husband.  Joy is not bound by circumstances.  Thankfulness is a choice.
And so, Im taking on the challenge.
Tristan is taking it with me and is in the lead with his “gifts list”.  (a little healthy competition!:)
Purposing to practice gratitude.  Seeing the little seemingly insignificant things that are divinely from His hand.  Keeping a record.  Living in Eucharisteo…in gratitude…in grace!

#1 Beauty found in unexpected places

#2 Rain on tin roof and the music of southern summer thunderstorms
#3 All creatures great and small…
#4 …and the boy who loves them all!
#5 Crimson sunrise painted in the sky
#6 Warm early morning snuggles, caresses and coos
#6 Wild laughter and shrieks from cubs being chased by Papa Bear
#7 Loving hands that once rocked me now holding my daughter.

#8 Her beautiful eyes…a window to her heart

#9 A strong shoulder to cry on
#10 Sunflowers
Would love to hear the random gifts you’re thankful for too!  Anybody else reading this book and finding it penetrating their heart and changing their perspective?

  • Mary says:

    I love Ann’s book and her blog. Thanks for the reminder to give thanks! I love your gifts today. I’m thankful for you and your family!

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