10 Wonders of our Thai World

Tuesday, October 22, 2013
You just got to see it to believe it sometimes.  So….here is visual proof of some random quirky encounters  here in Thailand.

The 10 Wonders of our Thai world….

1) Got to start with the “snack” section in the grocery store….it leaves something to be desired!  Not that there isnt an abundant selection of savory morsels….but it must be an acquired taste to learn to love fish flavored everything!  Seaweed snacks.  Baby prawn puffs.  Squid chips.  Sushi Chips.  Spicy lobster chips.  And my personal favorite “chicken and waffle” chips!
Whatever happened to good old fashioned baked Lay’s?!
My friend Danielle teaches in a school here and she tells me she has a “prize box” where kids can pick a snack as incentive sometimes.  More often than not, she has to replenish the seaweed snacks because they are chosen first over M&M’s.  Go figure!
Another snack surprise was finding Oreos at a fraction of the price that they are in the states.  I thought we’d hit the jackpot!  But after consuming a row (or two) I got a sneaky suspicion that something just wasnt quite right.  I admit it, Im an Oreo snob and these were not living up to my standard.  They just didnt dissolve quite right when dipped in milk.  It was then that I looked beyond the logo and realized that they are made by Kraft – not Nabisco.  
Not authentic!  
…….Not a happy camper!
Apparently copyrights on logos dont hold up in foreign countries – who knew?
2) Then there is the tantalizing McDonalds menu.
Just in case you are really craving something sweet, there is a delicious corn pie on the menu these days.  
Yet another reason to never eat at McDonalds (lest there was any doubt before).

3) There is an advertisement that I see all over town these days for a new Dunkin Donuts flavor…
Charcoal Donuts.
Bet it goes great with your coffee on a Saturday morning!
4) There is an ice cream container in the frozen dessert section of the grocery store that remarkably resembles lime sorbet.
Its not.
My kids were less than thrilled when I served up “green tea” flavored ice cream after dinner one night.
5) The word “sexy” is synonymous with “pretty” in this culture.  Can I just tell you how unnerving it is to have random people come up to your two year old, pinch her cheek and gush “ooohh….you so sexy!!”
6) Im pretty sure OSHA would have a hayday here.  Does it seem like a bad idea to anyone else to have a guy….climbing barefoot….up a crane….in pouring rain….during a lightening storm?  

7) There is a figurehead here…a Thai national, who has made her money off her name – “Poo”.  (I have a whole ‘nother blog post in the works simply about names here in Thailand – you wont believe it).  Anyway, this genius lady has started a cooking class and written a best selling book titled “Cooking with Poo”!! 
8) Yes, I absolutely did laugh out loud yesterday when i passed a sign that read “Eyebrow waxing – buy two, get one free”!!
9) Malls.  Never in. my. life have I seen so many shopping malls!  Unlike NYC or any other thriving metropolis, there is not a “wrong side” and a “right side” of the tracks in this city.  Its all mixed in and overlapping here – the poverty and the prosperity.  Which is why it is so weird to me to have 7 story malls on every corner.  And we are not talking GAP and Claires!  These malls are outfitted with Armani, Prada, and Dolce & Gabbana.  Who in heavens name keeps all these malls open!?
10) Since I know that our Thai taxi drivers and cahsiers are laughing at my pathetic attempts to communicate in very basic Thai, I dont feel bad about making fun of the English language I see butchered all around me.  You would think that a major wedding boutique would get a native English speaker to proof read their advertisements.
Or….maybe they did!

Most of the time, we feel quite settled here.  But there are these random moments and menus that leave us feeling like we are so far from home! 🙂

  • Trini says:

    We have those “Chicken and waffles” chips in Walgreens here…they’re…ah…well, let’s just say that if you enjoy maple syrup flavored potato chips, you’ll like ’em! (And are those sushi-flavored chips in the second picture?!) My sister and I are adopted from China and she LOVES seaweed. I’m not a fan of the stuff myself. And…CORN PIE??!

  • Marisa says:

    Thanks for a good laugh.

  • Marisa says:

    PS – I have a feeling many a foreigner living in Thailand, including myself, has had many of these thoughts. But, one day you might just be surprised to find yourself standing in an Asian market stateside looking for puffed shrimp chips because you miss the flavor…aka me yesterday! The joys of living abroad. 🙂

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