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Not Gonna Gloat (….ok…maybe I am)

Monday, March 11, 2013
I hate to gloat.  I really do!

But on the day you southern friends were shivering and bundled inside with snow flurries spitting at your window……WE were having a picnic in the park!! 🙂

Its the “cold” season here.
Which means temps vary between 85-100 degrees.  
Next month ushers in “monsoon” season with rain and heightened humidity.
I can take heat.  
I can take rain.  
But this girl needs sunshine to bloom, so you will not hear me complaining about missing the “snowstorm” of 2013 in South Carolina!  
We’re rockin’ flip flops every day here.  My kind of climate!

Gift # 384 from God since moving here: proximity to a wonderful garden and park just a short tuk-tuk ride from our apartment. 

I was feeling brave (finally).  My first venture out with all the kids unaccompanied by anyone else.  
We packed a picnic.  
Charged the cell phone (in the event we should get lost).  
Packed diaper bag, lunch boxes, mosquito repellant and bandaids (just in case)
And set out for an afternoon in the sunshine after school.

Turns out, Gigi has her own paparazzi wherever she goes.  This child is used to being the subject of my snapping camera….but since moving here, she’s thinks she’s a celebrity.

When my in-laws came to visit a couple weeks ago, they arrived by taxi at the bottom of our building late at night.  The security guard would not let them up despite multiple appeals, gestures and failed attempts to overcome the language barrier.  That is until my father-in-law pulled up a picture of Gigi on his phone…..at which point the guard smiled, nodded enthusiastically and gestured that they could proceed upstairs.
EVERYONE knows Gigi!!

A perfect afternoon….
Fed the pigeons.
Picked flowers (that we weren’t supposed to)
Made new friends
Checked out the skate ramps
Found a playground
and…almost fell in the pond.

Came home tired but all in one piece….

…..with the same number of children I left with……