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Baby turns 1!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Thirty friends and family gathered with us Friday night to celebrate Evie’s first birthday.  It was a perfect evening…warm enough to be outside…the lake reflecting the stars…twinkle lights on and bon-fire roaring!  We feel so blessed to have a community like this – friends that have rallied and supported us, a church that has brought us meals, grandparents who have babysat older siblings, nurses and doctors who have cared for our Evie and loved ones who have lifted us in prayer through this last year.  I have a friend who was a missionary in Tanzania who tells me they don’t name their babies until the first birthday.  While I cant imagine maintaining emotional distance like that, I totally relate to survival of the first year being a huge hurdle to clear and a milestone occasion!  This year has been unlike any other!

Despite planning the party on “Friday the 13th” and Evie’s track record for crashing parties, this one went off without a hitch.  Clearly, she knew she was the belle of the ball and enjoyed 

tottering around in her party dress…


posing for pictures…    

playing with friends…

…and sampling goodies.

We had a precious time of prayer led by a dear friend to dedicate Evie to the Lord and pray blessing over her future.  How grateful we are that this day has come and we have her to celebrate!

I was pleasantly surprised that my first attempt at a rolled fondant cake actually did not fall to pieces. (Id already done my research on where to get cupcakes last minute if I ended up with a catastrophe on my hands)  …its fun stuff…like playdough for grown ups:-)
Thank you to all who helped make this day such a special occasion and who have loved on our little one!