“G” Family Newborn Session

Sunday, November 30, 2014

This was another one that I was so blessed to attend the birth and then take newborn photos a few days later.  His warrior momma bravely welcomed him into the world when baby came early and dad was rushing to get back into the country from a business trip!!    Such a loved little guy and a total poser for the camera!







A Behind The Scenes Peek at Baby Alice’s Session

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

I was honored to be there when sweet little Alice was welcomed into the world a few months ago.  Love to see how babies grow and change when they come back for pictures when they have personality and expressions!  And expressions she has!  My, what a little poser!  Get a load of those lashes!  Good heavens!!  Her daddy is going to have to keep a close eye on this one….tho I feel big brother is going to be pretty protective too!!









Most people who ask for session info and rates are understanding of why professional photography is such an investment.  But for some, questions arise like “can I just have all the digitals?” or, “Its ok, you don’t need to edit, we just want a basic photoshoot“.

If an inexpensive, basic photoshoot is what meets your needs, then borrow a decent DSLR camera, and have a friend shoot some fun family photos at a nice location.  But if you’re wanting a professional photoshoot, consider the time-intensive session and post-processing editing that you are investing in to produce pictures that are more than just snapshots!

Consider for a moment…would any artist release their sketches or an unfinished painting?  No, they would not have something passed around as a representation of their work that was an incomplete shadow of their masterpiece in the making.  Photography is an art form, and the mere taking of pictures is only one of many elements that contribute to beautiful portraits.
So much takes place in the post-processing element of photography that I wanted to share a little “behind the scenes” peek.

These two are cuties, but they are busy littles and we had to work for these photos.  (There may have been some bribery and candy-negotiations going on….yes, I admit, I stoop to that at times!).  But this is just real-life with kids!!  They don’t sit still for very long and most of the time, if parents saw the unedited “snapshot” versions of photos that I take, they would reconsider the idea of sending out Christmas cards this year 🙂

That is why I decline when asked if I can just shoot and give out all the digitals.  And why I don’t ever release unedited images.  Im not a “baby whisperer” with newborns and Im not the “Pied Piper” with kids.  There is no magic spell that gets kids to pose and cooperate for the camera.  I have shoots sometimes with kids that want nothing to do with the camera.  And I have sessions where babies cry and poop and pee on me.   Im pretty unfazed!

But always, always there is beauty to be found!  Patience is key.  The ability to see beyond what the camera is showing me is imperative.  And some fine tuning of editing skills is in the works.   Take a look at this before and after to understand why I feel there is a great deal of value in the post-processing editing dynamic of photography.

Sometimes you just need a head swap to get that perfect picture! 🙂



Baby “K”s Newborn Session

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Getting to snuggle babies…..what could be a more rewarding job?   But there is something exceptionally precious about photographing a little one less that a week old when I was honored to be present for his birth just a few days earlier.  I watched this little man brought into the world through such a brave and beautiful labor of love by his momma.  This is such an adoring couple and the birth of their son was such a privilege to attend and support!

Baby “K”s daddy shares just a bit about his birth on my doula page if you want a baby story.