Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok – Birthday Getaway

Friday, April 11, 2014

It was an unparalleled treat to be invited as guests to the Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok last week.  With C on the road for an extended trip, I was a bit worn out from the task of being a single-mom for play practice, swim meets and homework.  I surprised C by picking him up from the airport when he returned from three grueling weeks of travel in India and whisked him away to celebrate his birthday.


What a treat to reconnect and debrief and get a bit of pampering and relaxation….uninterrupted by little people!

First stop – Lunch at Grand Hyatt’s You and Mee was divine!


A  popular Thai fusion restaurant that boasts some of the Asian cultural classic favorites as well as creative spins on traditional fare.  A great place for local business personnel to grab a tasty lunch and meet clients.  C went with his go-to-favorite, Pad Thai and I ordered a creamy coconut chicken curry with crunchy noodles – exquisite and bursting with flavor!


Ill be honest here, C has traveled a lot in his days and stayed in more than your average number of hotels.  Granted, he’s been in some sub-par locations (the first time he took me to India, we pulled back the sheets and discovered hair on the pillow of the hotel we were staying the night at….ewwww!!)  But globetrotting has allowed him to experience some first class joints as well!

Poolside Grand Hyatt

To say that he was impressed by the Grand Hyatt is a pretty good indication that the this hotel is exceptional.  The staff, accommodations and amenities definitely raised the standard and set the bar high.  The special touches and attention to detail made us feel like guests rather than simply tenants.


Strawberry tarts at bedtime, flowers in our room, lavender sachets with the turn-down service, and a pillow menu!  For real?  Little confession here….Im a pillow hog!  I have to have 5 pillows to myself to sleep.  So this was the epitome of luxury for me.  C rolled his eyes as I ordered up a couple extras.



The Grand Hyatt has just recently completed a renovation project on their rooms in which we were guests.  Plush beds, aesthetically pleasing decor and waterfall shower all catered to comfort and style.  Gorgeous travertine tiles in the bathroom wove a neo-classic thread throughout the structure of the rest of the hotel as well.


Access to the club lounge was enjoyed for happy hour and morning breakfast (when we finally woke at a hour we’ve not slept till in….about…..11 years).  And we’re not talking muffins and coffee here!  A delicious salad bar, cheese trays, omelet station, fresh french breads and croissants, hot appetizers and classy wine assortment.



Oh, and chocolate mousse of which I partook without a touch of guilt…..because how often do we really get to eat chocolate out of crystal stemware?


We skipped our planned morning workout and headed straight to the pool in the morning…there’s time for the gym tomorrow, but probably not time to lounge in the sun!  Decadence!  So relaxing to just get to hang out with this hunk and soak up a few rays!





Dinner with our friends who manage the Hyatt was one for the books!  It was not a meal, it was a dining experience that was unforgettable.  If you’re looking for a place to entertain special guests or to share brunch as a family on a Sunday, Tables is your spot!  Live classical music welcomed us as we stepped off the elevator and we were ushered into a dim mood-lit European style spacious restaurant and introduced to the concept of table side cooking.



Our Swiss chef Michele and debonaire server Iljas went out of their way to cater to our every whim.  Never have I been waited on so properly while being entertained so thoroughly!   A perfect blend of class and fun.  One of the youngest and most accomplished chefs in his field, Michele graciously offered suggestions from the menu and served us course after course of exceptional food both visually appealing and tantalizing to the palate.


We watched as he assembled the most attractive Caesar salad Ive ever consumed and graciously told us the history of Caesar Cardini for whom the legendary salad was named….lets be honest, storytelling from a guy with a swiss accent is intriguing!  Scottish Smoked Salmon was a perfect accompaniment to our salad alongside Tuna Tartar with Avocado.  Next was to-die-for Lobster Bisque.  Don’t even want to know the calorie count…too good to care!



Our entrees left me forever dissatisfied with my own homecooking.  The flavor was unsurpassed!  Succulent Lobster Thermidor, Roasted French Vendee Spring Chicken and melt-in-your-mouth Chateaubriand Australian Black Angus Tenderloin….there are no words!    The preparation of our meal on the copper countertop, carving of our meat and education of what is involved in creating truly amazing dishes left quite an impression!


Every dollop of cream and intentionally placed garnish made for an unforgettable dining experience.  I’d forgotten what it was like to take time with a meal.  No child’s meat to cut for them.  No spills to clean up.  No food fights.  And no complaints or dishes to clean.  Fun to play the part and wine and dine with the other side for a day.  (And by the next day, I was ready for sticky peanut butter kisses and whipping up Kraft Mac n’ cheese again.)


The “frosting on the cake” of our ritzy dinner out was topping off the night with Cherry Jubilée garnished with vanilla bean ice cream.  I’m a confessed chocoholic, but there was nothing that could possibly have complimented our meal more tastefully.  Absolutely delightful.  And the ice-cream chocolate covered truffles brought to our table frothing on a bed of dry ice as a final flamboyant touch to the evening satiated that chocolate sweet tooth of mine.  C and I will be going back to Tables for special occasional date nights!


You dont have to go far to feel like you’ve left big-city crazy Bangkok and enjoy an oasis of refreshment while still enjoying the access to this thriving metropolis!  Its a Songkran Special right now!  If you cant skip town for the week, take the family for a staycation and some water fun.  Grand Hyatt’s special this week includes a water gun “survival kit” that your kids will love, buffet breakfast, 1,000 baht hotel credit and discount on Family room for kids (so you can go as a couple to dinner at Tables and cash in the credit toward a great date-night)  Terms outlined below:

Sonngkran Package 2014_for residents of Thailand

And if you can’t pull it off this week, check out Hyatt’s Staycation package which C and I enjoyed outlined below.  Its good through the 5th of May.  Early check in and late check out allows you maximize your time.  Plan a little get away!!  This 5 star luxury hotel comes with our 5 star approval and endorsement!!

Flyer Staycation 2014