‘Till Death Do Us Part

Saturday, September 17, 2011
We’re back after a wonderful couple of days celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary.
Here’s to us baby!!
C flew me up to New York to rendezvous with him on the back end of his 2 week trip to India.  We counted our blessings over this last decade while taking in the grander of the dazzling city life.  And while I loved every moment, I think it made me all the more grateful for our quiet lake-side-living.  Cant believe this born and bread big city-slicker girl would ever admit to that, but age is mellowing me!
 I had the best afternoon with my brother and sister-in-law on Sunday.  Lunch, coffee and miles of walking (in heels…silly me) all over Soho.  So fun to get to see them in their element as they are new residents of the Big Apple.  Here’s one of Americas youngest (and cutest) patriots on the 10th anniversary of 9/11.  This little 4 month old gets around:)!!
 It was lunch at The Plaza on Monday with our dear friends Jim and Mary….as in The Plaza.  
I got such a kick out of the Eloise boutique on the bottom floor.  Doesnt this look like a mom-of-5-girls-kind-of-boutique?  Gabriella and I just had to do a little window shopping!  OK Gigi, learn this phrase….
“Daddy, I want a baby grand please!”
C and I strolled Central Park, hit half-a-dozen Starbucks and engaged in my favorite hobby:
people watching.
Such a strange breed in NYC!!
My little papoose was totally happy being schlepped around in metros and busy streets in her little kangaroo pouch.
Ms. Mary made the baby book by being Gigi’s first sitter.  She graciously offered to keep the baby for us so C and I could have a night on the town.  What a time we had….we wine’d and dine’d at a swanky spot before attending Mama Mia on Broadway.  I was like a little kid on Christmas morning!  Lucky for everyone else, I had a cold and had lost my voice.  Otherwise Id have been belting out Abba music from the audience.  Sooooooo much fun!!!  The whole night was captivating.  The choreography.  The music.  The set.  Amazing!
And a really good-looking date too!
In so many ways, I still feel like a young newlywed.  Im still giddy waking up next to him.  I count down the days till he returns from his long trips. How is it that 10 years of life together have already passed?
Its not been without challenges but I can honestly say, its so totally worth it.  We’ve had ‘for better’ and ‘for worse’ days.  We unintentionally wound eachother.  We ignorantly overlook the others needs.  But we keep working at it.  Growing.  Trying again.  We both are learning.
Learning to die.
To die to our rights as individuals and to sacrifice for the other.  Its a slow process.
Painful some days.
We’re learning to give forgiveness and receive grace.  These ‘candlelight and long-stemmed roses’ moments are few and far between, but the sweetest and deepest times of our marriage are those which some would deem monotonous.
To be known….truly known by someone, and loved…..even on days I give him every reason not to…..this is a gift indeed!  This companion through the normalcy of life.  Im a blessed woman and look forward to growing old with his hand holding mine.  I pray God blesses me with many more decades with this….my dearest friend.
Happy Anniversary hon.

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