They’re HERE!!!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013
They’re here, they’re here, they’re HERE!!
Grandenny and Grandmoni are really here!
The last thing we did before we boarded our plane last January and took their grands to the other side of the world, was book tickets for them to come visit us at Christmastime!  We have been looking forward to it for almost a year now and it has somehow eased the homesickness to know we’ve had that on the horizon to eagerly anticipate.  Its going to be with very heavy hearts that we wave them goodbye when they leave later this week.  But, we’re not going to go there emotionally today.  
Today they are here!  Really here!  Making memories and doing all the things with my kids that we miss so much living half a world away from them.
I love seeing my dad giving swim lessons to Gigi.  Watching the girls curled up by the tree with my mother reading The Best Christmas Pageant Ever like she did with us every year.  And having my parents to myself for a shopping excursion in China-town….perusing steals with my mom and getting my dad to bargain a deal for us.  
Their time is speeding by and still a dozen things on our “Bucket Bangkok List” to do.  But there have been no wasted days.  Kids have only had to go to school a couple days during their visit due to the civil unrest here, which has worked out beautifully.  Tristan went on an excursion to Safari World with his Grandenny.  The girls have filled tins with Christmas cookies following Grandmoni’s cooking directives.  There have been typical tourist sightseeing adventures, and quiet reflective moments snuggled by tree-lights with books in hand.   
My Mother is the original Mary Poppins.  In addition to cramming her suitcases with my SAMS shopping wish list of foods we miss, and my Christmas online shopping I had shipped to her, she still managed to magically contain in her allotted Delta luggage a vast assortment of surprises, projects, games and treats!
Christmas pajamas for the kids
Homemade gingersnaps and lemon curd
A new Fancy Nancy Collection
books, cookie sprinkles, decorations and crafts to do with the kids.
The girls have now had their first “sewing” lesson making adorable bathrobes for their American Girl Dolls.

And then the project today – sparkly pipe cleaner Christmas trees.  Only my mother could make dollar store crafts look like Martha Stewart Living!
My mother (from whom I gained my love of writing) has started her own blog documenting their visit.  Thought you might enjoy taking a peek.  Maybe with a little encouragement, she’ll keep up the web-journaling beyond this trip.  Think you’ll love her perspective!

My dad who was a pretty big deal back in his prime (missed the Olympic time trials by a tenth of a second!!) is rather proud of these little mermaids.  They’ve put in some hours at the pool perfecting their strokes.  Yep.  Thats December in Bangkok folks.  Still warm enough for afternoon swimming!
Evie has had this cute little niche scouted out for months and has been begging to go with Grandmoni for tea.  Mr. Jones Orphanage – quite possibly the most adorable, quaint, whimsical restaurant ever.  Teddy bears on every chair for the choosing.  A book loft with low ceilings and shelves laden with children’s story books.  Posh “Alice in Wonderland” oversized chairs.  A vintage wooden carousel.  And my-oh-my, desserts!!  
The perfect destination for afternoon tea or brunch!

cute – and she knows it!

Saturday was reminiscent of my childhood Saturdays…daddy at the griddle with kids perched atop counter-tops whisking eggs, the aroma of pancakes wafting through the house, and sticky syrup finger prints on tabletops.  I love that my kids have these same memories with my daddy in our home!

Very soon, there will be miles again between us.  And their visit will seem only a beautiful distant memory.  But for today, we have them in our hearts and arms!

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