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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

We spent the weekend with friends on the lake.
Passing the time while Daddy was on a trip.
Drinking in these last days of glorious summer.
 Making Snowcones.  Making friends.  Making messes.  Making memories. 

Tonight Im exhausted.  
A busy weekend and then a 5:30 am alarm this morning had me up and out the door to attend a friends delivery as her doula.
Coming home late this afternoon, my mental and physical capacities were maxed out and I was dragging through the “valley of the shadow hour” of dinner time prep and fussy baby and messy house, laundry, etc.  
My Abi girl sweetly offered to make dinner.
And I let her!!
7 layer dip (of which we only had 5 layers in the fridge) made for a fairly well-balanced dinner.  And I didnt lift a finger.
(well….except to clean up the aftermath in the kitchen). 
But, it was such a thoughtful and intuitive gesture!  This little mini-me is loving her place as the “big sis” in the family and taking on all the responsibility and privilege that comes with it.  I think a girly-movie, Oreos and two tall glasses of milk might be on the menu after early bed times for the others tonight!  Im so proud of the responsible young lady this girl is becoming!
I had to laugh toward the end of the school year last year….
We had this little routine where Abi would watch Gigi every evening for half an hour while I exercized and grabbed a quick shower.  
Mind you, my stationary bike is in the same room where she was watching the baby for me.
But, she had gotten so good at rocking Gigi, that the baby would usually fall asleep for her.  
Abi was so proud of this special Gigi-Abi time, that one day, she comes home from school and tells me; “I told my teacher that every day I hold my baby sister at night so that my mom can get a little rest”.
What?” I sputtered!
I dont get a little rest!  I exercise!
I was fully expecting a visit from Social Services the next day with a reprimand about having my 10 year old in charge of the baby every night while I “get a little rest“.
While I have no intention of leaving her in charge while I “rest”, I truly am SO grateful for the incredible helper she is to me.  I was telling a young-mom friend just today….my life is so much easier now with 6 kids than it was when I just had two or three who were all under the age of 3!  Having kids old enough to communicate with, reason with and to actually be helpful makes such a difference!  Instead of long days with busy little ones just waiting and waiting for the day to drag by and bring daddy home, I feel like life is in warp speed now and I cant slow it down.  Places to go.  Things to do. Busy, busy, busy!  Full.  Happy.  FUN!!
But back to this girl….being able to rock a baby to sleep and produce dinner for 5 hungry siblings are pretty impressive credentials for a 10 year old!  Doncha think?
Way to go sis!!

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