Plan B

Friday, February 18, 2011
The plan was to go to Italy for our 10th anniversary this coming August. We’ve been scheming and saving for the last three years. The plan was to travel to the one European country Ive not visited that Ive always wanted to go to. The plan was to eat alfredo and lasagna all through Venice and Rome. The plan was to stay in a villa in Tuscany and see Andrea Bocelli perform in an outdoor amphitheater overlooking the pristine Italian countryside. The plan was to sample exotic cheeses and wines by candlelight in authentic Italian kitchens.
That was the plan.
Instead, we’re having a baby this summer.
So we sprang for the next best thing….a trip to Florida. Its not exactly that Ft. Lauderdale was #2 on our list of dream destinations, but since we wont be going to Italy any time soon, Italy came to us.
C and I just returned from a 2 day vacation over Valentines Day alone with no kids where we got to go to see Andrea Bocelli perform live in concert at the Bank Atlantic Center. What a dream come true! The first gift C ever gave me was Bocelli’s CD Romanza when we were dating back in 2000. I was smitten! Any guy who appreciated this kind of music had class! Bocelli is one of the last great tenors and his musical legacy is amplified by the fact that he’s been blind since childhood. Amazing talent. Mesmerizing voice! He inspires romance! The concert was amazing and he closed with The Prayer and Time to Say Goodbye which are special to us because they were our first and last dance at our wedding. An unforgettable night!

We enjoyed perfect 75 degree days lounging on the beach and wading through tide pools. Uninterrupted conversation. Starbucks dates. And then, a huge perk of C’s frequent flyer miles was an upgrade to a convertible rental car. Felt like two kids cruising around in such a yuppy car with the top down. After 10 years, he still thrills me!
Proof that it was a true vacation is the fact that I didnt even take my camera with us. Simply relaxed. I have a thousand beautiful memories stored in my heart and sunburned shoulders to remind me! And look what was waiting for me upon our return….sweet guy. He certainly outdid himself. Im so lucky in love!
My in-laws were the brave souls that kept up with our motley crew, did homework and fed hungry mouths in our absence. We are SO grateful. And my cute brother deserves an award. Uncle DJ took all the girls out for a Valentine Date! Too cute!

Someday, perhaps when we’re old and grey, we’ll hold hands and ride in a gondola. So happy today holds so many surprises. Our life seems full of Plan B’s these days….in which I find many, many blessings!

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