Paradise and Puke

Monday, February 10, 2014

In the past 5 days, Ive changed more sheets, moped up more puke, made more trips to pick up sick kids at school, stirred up more electrolyte concoctions and administered more midnight baths than I can to count.  Everyone is sleeping with buckets beside their beds.  C is currently laughing at my stall techniques not wanting to go to sleep because I know as soon as I lay my weary head down, Im going to hear retching from another room.

Every night the same routine!

The mother of all stomach bugs has hit our family with a vengeance.  At the same time, Evie (yes…the child who doesn’t got to school and shouldn’t be the one contracting germs) picked up Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease and has passed that around.  Then tonight, we noticed Tristan has a random rash all over his torso.

…what in the world!?!?!?

We are lying low and I wish I could say we were chilling watching the Olympic games.  However, since there is reportedly only one Thai olympic athlete in the winter olympics (not much opportunity to practice in snow here), there is no hype and no televised olympic coverage.
The only sporting event I care to watch – bummer!!!

13 months later, Im having my very first “I might hate Thailand” moments.

No Olympics

And no Lysol to be found.


Remembering back to a much happier time merely a week ago.  Last weekend, we had a team of US, Indian and Dutch colleagues coming into town and staying with us.  When C’s sister told us she was coming to visit at the same time, we realized there was feasibly no way to house everyone and host the 10 team members that would be convening all weekend in our apartment for meetings….not really conducive to having 6 kids in and out while they are trying to work…right?

Benevolently, I volunteered to take the kids to the beach.  Strictly to keep the kids out from underfoot and provide the team with peace and quite mind you.

…..I mean, somebody had to do it 🙂

How considerate of me, right?

C’s sister Rebecca and I had a great time with all the kiddos at a beach only a couple hours from Bangkok.  We took in some rays and of course my camera got a little workout.

Aaaahhhh….that golden hour when the sun kisses the horizon and bathes everything in color.    When brown sunburned shoulders shiver in the cooling breeze and pink cheeks glow reflecting the setting sun.  Wish I could bottle it!!

Can we just rewind please?

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