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Friday, November 1, 2013
Our apartment was maxed out last night with 15!! people sleeping here….our new personal record!  C has several colleagues in town from India as well as his parents here for a short time, so we have all the beds full and a couple couches occupied :)We took our guests “out on the town” for a little investigative outing last night which has quickly climbed our chart on the top 10 list of things to do in Bangkok.  We’d heard of “Asiatique” from friends and it did not disappoint!

For a couple glorious hours, it did NOT feel like we were in big-city Bangkok.  It felt like we’d stepped onto cobblestone streets in a tourist town in Europe….or into a vacation destination shopping strip.  Twinkle lights.
And clean bathrooms that actually provided toilet paper.  (….we do not take these things for granted!)
Hundreds of stalls with fun bargain shopping organized in a boutique style layout.  A huge step up from the open-air Chatachak market we frequent that is hot, sweaty, unshaded and visited a million people on any given weekend.  “Asiatique” is my new favorite find!  And for this “wheelin’ n’ dealing” bargain hunter, this is my kind of shopping.  Lots of just “window shopping” and I got a headstart on some Christmas purchases!

OK Sarah and Faith and Katherine and those of you planning to visit me….Ive got a new awesome shopping obsession!!

When C and the guys tiered of shopping, they stopped in for a little “Thai pampering”….. A fish spa pedicure.  In theory, the little carnivores nibble off dead skin cells and leave your feet feeling fresh and “exfoliated”.  But in reality, I couldnt get past the fact that these mini-pirhanas had been eating off dozens of other feet that day.  I dont even want to know about the microbes and water-borne bacteria that could be swimming with the garra rufa fish….ewww!!
My tired feet opted to pass on the “pedicure”….Im holding out for a real one in a sterile environment at a later date!
While I cowardly chose a fresh fruit smoothie, the guys went on to grab some street food at a makeshift stall on the road on our way home.
They were on their second plate of pork before they realized….it wasnt pork.
They both raved about their duck-over-rice and Im waiting to gloat when they both come down with food poisoning in a few hours. 🙂
Never a dull moment here.  We always love new finds and fun new places to explore!
And now, our giveaway winner that I forgot to announce yesterday….
The winner of the $30 in gift certificates for a home makeover goes to:
Congrats girl!  Send me a message to claim and Ill get you set up.

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