New Kid(s) on the Block

Friday, August 2, 2013
No.  We didnt fall off the face of the earth.

I had a concerned blog-reader whom Ive never met in my life write to me this week.  A sweet message.  Inquiring about our whereabouts.  Wondering if everything was ok.

I was so touched to be missed.

This blog is just my “journal” of sorts.  I assume most of my ramblings are just for posterity.  And when we are 12 hours ahead of family and friends in US timezones, its easy to feel like we’ve dropped off the face of the earth and like my emails, texts and blog posts are sent into oblivion……

Yes indeed, we are alive and very well!

Today – another bitter-sweet one for this mommy.  After much deliberation and investigating every conceivable avenue for a tutor, and exhausting every possibility for help with homeschooling, we started to explore the unlikely possibility of an English Speaking International School here.  Suffice to say, God provided in a pretty amazing way for our children to be able to attend a private school a mere 5 minute walk from our house!!  We were so surprised by Gods workings and how He’s directed us to this opportunity for education for this year and provided for it to be possible.  This is a huge stretch for this momma, but an opportunity we have felt God so unmistakably open the door too, that I have a complete peace that this is where they are supposed to be for this year.

They were all tested this week and Tristan and Abi were evaluated and recommended by the director to skip a grade…..thus landing them in middle school!!  (when did my babies become 6th graders?!?!)

So this year is a huge jump….new school….new friends…..major jump academically….
Their mom had butterflies in her tummy this morning too!!

Britain’s biggest issue with attending school was not the schedule, or yucky cafeteria food, or early mornings….nope.  Her biggest qualm was the fact that she has to wear a uniform.  “And there is just no sense of style mom!”

(I think that’s the point honey!)

We did the best we could and added a little matching “sass” to her nails so she’d still be fashionable even in her smart little bow tie!

Izzy looked pretty adorable in her new uniform and wore it with pride:)  She came home this afternoon and announced that she has 3 new best friends.  One of them just arrived from Korea 3 weeks ago and doesnt speak a word of English.  Who needs words when you are 7, right?  Not going to get in the way of being BFF’s!!

Evie was feeling a little left out this morning and wanted to get in a “First Day of School” picture too.  Im loving having my 2 “babies” home and getting to “do” them in a way I dont have time for when Im engrossed in teaching the big kids.  But man the house was unnervingly quiet this morning!  Gigi kept wandering around yelling “kids?  kids?  where kids?!!”

Happy reunion, milk and cookies at 2:30.  Lots of stories.  Oodles of homework.  Shopping supply lists.  Teacher conference schedules.  PTO invitations.  Here we go!!!
Here’s to a great new school year.

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