Made It!!

Sunday, January 20, 2013
Whew!  That is a LOOOONG trip.
After a tearful goodbye at the Atlanta airport, we boarded our 14 hour flight for Tokyo.  We did make some friends with the care packaged and were relieved that everyone didnt despise us before we even took off:)  The kids were absolute troopers on the flight!  The 5 big kids were totally content to watch every Disney movie known to man and then passed out on the floor and in our row of seats for a little nap before our layover in Japan.
We met up with C’s cousin Laurelle in Japan as she is going to be living with us for the next 3 weeks and helping as we acclimate.  Such a blessing!!  She spent two years teaching here so we have our own personal tour guide and the girls are loving having a big sister:)!!  And she’s already been giving the kids language lessons – awesome!
Another 8 hour flight before we finally landed in Bangkok at 12:00am.  After a 2:30 am run to McDonalds, we all crashed at a hotel.
Being horizontal has never felt so good!!

Our fist day didnt start until after 1:30 pm.  Getting Tristan and Evie out of bed was like trying to wake the dead!
After eating, Laurelle lifeguarded the big kids at the pool while C and I took the babies to get the key to our apartment and make the first run to Ikea!

Yep…..slept till noon.  Shopped Ikea.  And walked around in 75 degree weather.
All in all not a bad first day, huh?

There is a lot of work on the apartment that hasnt been dont that we had agreed upon with the landlord, so Im having to adjust my attitude and trying to keep perspective and be flexible.  First of many stretching moments Im sure.

Here are a few “raw bones” pictures of our new pad.  Cant wait to work some Ikea magic on it 🙂

love our view!

First impressions:
~Jet lag stinks!  Its now the second morning and the kids have been up since 4:00am.  I think Tristan MAYBE got 2 hours of sleep….he was still watching soccer at midnight when I conked out.   Going to be a loooooong day!
~Found at least half-a-dozen Starbucks yesterday…this place is totally do-able 🙂
~Gigi is going to be a hot mess!  The Thai’s are such kind people and especially dote on babies.  She has had an entourage ever since we got here.  Hotel valet giving her a ride on the luggage cart…cleaning lady offering her snacks…..everyone patting her head, holding her hand, telling her she’s cute.  Oh dear!!
~Its 75 degrees = happy camper here!!

Thank you all who have vigilantly prayed us through the crazy travel itinerary and who have sent notes of encouragement and loved us here.  So grateful for modern technolodgy that will allow us to keep connected.

Just FYI, Bangkok is 12 hours ahead of EST.  12 noon your time is 12am a day AHEAD our time.

Signing off…..big day of unpacking ahead!

  • Helen Kurtz (Cakey Bakey) says:

    Yeah!! You made it!! I’m actually a wee bit jealous!! If we moved there, cost of living is much cheaper and we could go back to Singapore and see my family often…best of both world!! Your new apartment is already gorgeous and with your personal Ikea touch, it would be a pity if I don’t plan a trip to see you all!! Take care my friend!! Oh, if you haven’t already download WhatsApp Messenger on your phone, you might want to consider doing so. It FREE & you can instant text with your families & friends from all over the world!! 😀

  • Anonymous says:

    So glad that you all made it safely! Please tell Abi, Tristan, and Britian hello for me! We will be thinking about all of you in the days ahead!

    Allison Elswick

  • Vickie says:

    So glad the Lord blessed your travels! The Lord is good to provide just what we need (even if the new place didn’t come with what you were expecting)…He always provides!

  • scottybecca says:

    Yay! So happy for the update. All the best as you settle in to your new apartment. I know the challenge of making those furnished flats feel like home but I know you will do it beautifully!

  • Rachel C says:

    You guys are amazing! Can’t wait to follow all your new adventures.

  • Anonymous says:

    Glad to know you all are there safe and sound! Please give Abi and Tristan a hug for me!! God bless you all! Teresa Owens

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