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Friday, September 9, 2011
Im a little nuts. 
When the last book is read, and another glass of water is taken upstairs, and everyone is finally diapered or potty’d and tucked in, I, like you, am one tuckered-out momma.  Why is it then that I have this compelling urge to accomplish something creative when the house is finally quiet.  Suddenly Im energized and my creative juices start flowing.  Somehow tackling the mound of ironing or cleaning my house seems like an insurmountable task.  And yet, I manage to muster up the energy to create.  It’s a driving force.  A need to make something pretty.
Im the room-mom for Tristan and Abi’s 3rd grade class.  Their teacher is having her first baby any day.  A boy.  Thought it would be fun to throw her a baby shower with her kids. 
These were fun to try…..
I knew I wanted “kid friendly food”….no chicken salad and croissants at this shower🙂  This was a fun way to dress up a child-favorite!!
And Abi helped me make a diaper cake.  Id made one years ago and forgot how fun they are to assemble.  These make a great centerpiece and are a pretty and practical gift for the expectant mom to take home.
Start by rolling diapers and securing with a rubber band around each.
I used a cardboard cake base from Walmart…you can get them for about a buck each.
Fill the base with rolled diapers standing on end.
Secure with a wide width ribbon wrapped around them and secured with a pin through a diaper to hold it in place.
You can add a second layer to the cake….or a third.
Embelish with varieties of ribbons.  Fun to add baby trinkets to the cake (pacefier, rubber duck, socks, etc. if your budget allows)
Wasn’t 100% thrilled with how the bow turned out.  
As Abi said, “it kinda looks like blue ribbon exploded on top”.
My sentiments exactly.
A really fun project, but a rather sad ending to the story….we had a casualty… I tried to grab my camera to snap a picture of the cake as we were running out the door to the shower this morning.  The camera strap caught on my cupboard handle and I lost my grip.  In an effort to keep it from falling, I grabbed at it and smashed it into our granite counter top which cracked my viewing screen.
A sickening sound!
Not good.
Really not good!
Im so upset!
Looks like my baby will be taking a trip to the Nikon hospital in the near future.  Can you hear it….ca-ching, ca-ching, ca-ching…$$$!!

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