Farewell Friends

Monday, January 7, 2013
I love this girl!!
Sarah and I became friends 3 years ago when she began speech-therapy with my not-saying-a-word two year old Evie.  Somewhere between Matilda Jane obsessions, special needs kids discussions and big hair bow competitions, we developed a dear friendship.  Our kids are great buddies and its all arranged between the parents – Evie will marry her son Cullen someday:)
I was so touched that Sarah blessed me with the most-fun-ever going away party, complete with a gaggle of girlfriends and a slumber party.  My sweet (exceptionally talented) sister came from Atlanta to co-host and teach us all how to paint.   Everyone was surprised by their own ability and the results were so pleasing!
The chatter, banter, wine, hors devours and permanent acrylic paint splotch on my jeans made for an unforgetable evening.  
How I will miss these dear friends!

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