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Oddities, Obsessions, and Overnighters

Friday, November 1, 2013
Our apartment was maxed out last night with 15!! people sleeping here….our new personal record!  C has several colleagues in town from India as well as his parents here for a short time, so we have all the beds full and a couple couches occupied :)We took our guests “out on the town” for a little investigative outing last night which has quickly climbed our chart on the top 10 list of things to do in Bangkok.  We’d heard of “Asiatique” from friends and it did not disappoint!

For a couple glorious hours, it did NOT feel like we were in big-city Bangkok.  It felt like we’d stepped onto cobblestone streets in a tourist town in Europe….or into a vacation destination shopping strip.  Twinkle lights.
And clean bathrooms that actually provided toilet paper.  (….we do not take these things for granted!)
Hundreds of stalls with fun bargain shopping organized in a boutique style layout.  A huge step up from the open-air Chatachak market we frequent that is hot, sweaty, unshaded and visited a million people on any given weekend.  “Asiatique” is my new favorite find!  And for this “wheelin’ n’ dealing” bargain hunter, this is my kind of shopping.  Lots of just “window shopping” and I got a headstart on some Christmas purchases!

OK Sarah and Faith and Katherine and those of you planning to visit me….Ive got a new awesome shopping obsession!!

When C and the guys tiered of shopping, they stopped in for a little “Thai pampering”….. A fish spa pedicure.  In theory, the little carnivores nibble off dead skin cells and leave your feet feeling fresh and “exfoliated”.  But in reality, I couldnt get past the fact that these mini-pirhanas had been eating off dozens of other feet that day.  I dont even want to know about the microbes and water-borne bacteria that could be swimming with the garra rufa fish….ewww!!
My tired feet opted to pass on the “pedicure”….Im holding out for a real one in a sterile environment at a later date!
While I cowardly chose a fresh fruit smoothie, the guys went on to grab some street food at a makeshift stall on the road on our way home.
They were on their second plate of pork before they realized….it wasnt pork.
They both raved about their duck-over-rice and Im waiting to gloat when they both come down with food poisoning in a few hours. 🙂
Never a dull moment here.  We always love new finds and fun new places to explore!
And now, our giveaway winner that I forgot to announce yesterday….
The winner of the $30 in gift certificates for a home makeover goes to:
Congrats girl!  Send me a message to claim and Ill get you set up.

Tourists in Thailand (for a day)

Friday, October 25, 2013
The census was down at our house (Tristan was at a friends) and I had an extra set of capable hands (my friend Karen is visiting), so it seemed like a perfect time to take advantage of the ratio shift (only 3 kids per one adult) and do something very tourist-y!  We set off to see a major landmark about an hour from our home.  The “sleeping buddha”  An enormous gold statue in a temple. The architecture and gardens were astounding!!


Camera, snack bag, diapers, stroller and 5 kids in hand, we began our excursion.
Change to another train
Boat taxi
….arrival at destination.  

Not an easy commute, but a really fun one (at least on the way there…..we had some tired cookies on the way back!)

Gigi hating the heat, hating her hair bow, and hating mommys camera on the way home!
Karen and I have been friends since we lived in Ukraine as we met there when Britain was a baby.  She serves there as a missionary as well and was sent by her organization to attend a conference here in Bangkok.  We were fortunate to have her extend her trip to Thailand to spend some time with us!  What a blessing!  Gigi is working on saying “Auntie Kaween”.
Lucky for me, Karen is a photography enthusiast as well, so wasnt the slightest bit put out by all my capitalizing on photo-op moments.  And Abi!!…….Abi is my little protege!  Love that her camera was her constant companion today! 
It was “hotter’n’blazes” today!!  Karen cant get over the fact that it is nearing freezing temps already in Ukraine, and we are perpetually wearing sundresses and flip flops.  Weird timewarp when there is no change of seasons.  
Entering the temple, you are required to take off shoes….
…..and put something over your shoulders if you are wearing a sleeveles top.  Here is Abi sporting a super stylish, subtle neon green robe provided at the entrance for her to wear. 
We will be remembering to cover our shoulders next time.  THe thought of how many sweaty people have worn this hot robe was a bit disgusting!
Good to know!
Enjoy our traditional tourist trap photos!!
A lovely day!
One more check off our Bucket Bangkok List!!

Monkey On My Back

Wednesday, June 26, 2013
Hey you two!  
You’re by far the coolest eleven-year-olds I know!  Ive never been prouder of you than in the past 5 months.  It has been hard.  
Really hard!  
And to the best of your ability, you have trusted us.  And more importantly, trusted God!  
You’ve been stretched and asked to leave the security and relationships that are of uttermost importance in 4th grade.  You’ve left a house with abundant acreage and freedom to roam, and adapted to city living in the confines of an apartment.  You’ve said goodbye to grandparents and cousins that are your best friends.
There have been tears.  And heartache.  You have grieved.  
But you get up each morning and keep going and keep trying to embrace the new and foreign things in this place.
I know right now its fresh and still hard, but someday I hope you can look back with fondness at the unique opportunities that were yours.  How many 11 year olds have celebrated birthdays over the years with high tea in London….. piñatas with orphans in Kiev…. feeding monkeys on rugged beaches in Thailand…?
You continue to teach me so much as I have to learn to hold you with open hands and trust God to meet needs in your life that I know I cant “fix”.   My prayer for you in these next months of continued transition is that you cling to Him when all else feels shaky and insecure.  I love seeing you grow in grace and understanding that His can meet those needs!  Hold fast!  Its going to be a bumpy ride, but full of adventure.  He’s preparing you so uniquely to be the man and woman He has made you to be.  And the glimpses that I see are amazing!
I love seeing who you are becoming.
I love you!!
Coming up a little short on friends being somewhat new here, it didnt seem like the year for a big party.  A little get away seemed like a perfect alternative.  One of those times a traveling husband with accumulated points has its perks!!  We got a free weekend in a little fishing community along the beach about 3 hours from Bangkok.
Fresh air and freedom were therapy for this boy.  Happy to be left alone with his rod and thoughts to watch the tide roll in at sunset.
How I love this man-child!
Our little $15 excursion was the highlight of our weekend.
Here’s our fancy transportation to a deserted island inhabited by monkeys….
Complete with creepy dismembered voodoo dolls…
My main squeeze
Upon our approach to the island, monkeys began bounding down the rocky ledges and scampering across the beach to meet us.
So Lion-King-ish!
We were tossing bananas to the monkeys.
And then….this happened….
The kids thought monkeys perched on their shoulders was the coolest thing ever!
Ok, Ill be honest…..I did too!!
Got to say….that has got to be one of the coolest things we’ve ever done as a family!