Four and Fabulous

Tuesday, July 20, 2010
One Grandmoni, three aunties, one boyfriend, two uncles, one girlfriend and one cousin all drove from out of town to celebrate this 4 year old!
A crazy fun weekend!
Isabelle had the ultimate girly-girl 4th birthday party!
The theme was a Fancy Nancy Cupcake Tea Party.
If you haven’t read the book, its a must…and her favorite!

Izzy’s mommy, grandmother and three aunties spent the day draping white tulle and twinkle lights and pink pom-poms (thank you Martha) across the dining room “tea table”.

When guests arrived, they each visited the “Beauty Salon” and got a make-over and manicure. Then they got to “shop” and select from strands of pearls, feathery boas, Pashmina scarves, chunky beaded bracelets and vintage gloves.

Once everyone was fancied-up, the little divas got to decorate their tiaras. Stickers, glitter, flowers and jewels made fun embellishments.
We moved the fun outside for cupcake decorating. An inch of sugar sprinkles on the floor are so much easier to blow off the porch than vacuum out of my kitchen:-)

Grandmoni read Izzy’s two favorite books to her guests before tea time….Fancy Nancy (of course) and Pinkalicious.

The girls were so cute with their real china cups, dainty tea fare and and best manners. There were parfaits, heart-shaped cheese straws, chocolate covered strawberries, dipped pretzel sticks and cupcakes!

Izzy got her first tea set, cupcake pajamas, fun monogrammed clothes, new books, enough make-up to apply to the entire cast of Cats for a year, and her favorite gift of all…..princess panties!

The party was so her! I love how she literally skips through life and awakens each day with such simple joy and anticipation. Like last week when I asked her if she could choose, what would she like to do that week….she replied, “make brownies and clean windows”.

Its the simple pleasures in life:-) So glad she reminds us of them every day!

Happy Birthday to our very fancy Princess Izzy!
I couldn’t possibly fit all the party pictures I wanted to into a post….so here’s a gazillion more for those of you who want pink overload!

If You Guessed Fish…

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

With a Beach Bash Birthday theme, I couldnt resist the idea…..
Sixteen personalized galvanized beach buckets made by my friend Kristi with a bag of goldfish inside as party favors.

My kids thought it was Mommy’s best idea ever.
….the parents of the party-goers did not share that sentiment.
My in-laws are considering outlawing me for “animal cruelty”.
And my friend Danielle (who has some blog fun this week you should check out) has made it abundantly clear that she intends to “one-up” me. My kids will be coming home from the next birthday party at their house with a gerbil, iguana or a puppy!

Party Pictures

Monday, June 14, 2010

Im sure you’ve noticed by now, we love birthdays around here. I come from a long line of party planners. Events, holidays, creating memories and traditions are a big deal! Heres a peek at our celebration this weekend…..

We had a Lakeside Beach Bash to celebrate Tristan and Abi turning 8!
Daddy rigged an awesome Slip N Slide and greased it with soap for extra speed.
We played Beach ball volleyball and wet n’ wild water games.
A special thanks to Derek for the 2+ hours he spent filling 200 water balloons. A labor of love when you consider it took ninety-six seconds flat for the kids to bomb eachother and run through the entire supply!
We’ve considered there may be wisdom in having friends sign legal waivers before rides on the tube……The chiropractors in the area have us to thank for new patients.
They played hard, soaked up sun, laughed loud and ate lots!
Two cakes of course for Thing 1 and Thing 2!
I love these kiddos! So lucky to be, Mommy to TWINS!
Happy Birthday you two!

Oh, and lastly….anyone want to take a wild guess at what went home in these cute pails as party favors? Here’s your hint:
The kids think Im a pretty cool mom….and all the parents hate me!