Birthday and Re-Birth

Tuesday, January 28, 2014
Today we celebrate.
Today we remember.

We released balloons to commemorate a little girl who has left in indelible imprint on our hearts forever.

We watched them sail off into the sky and our conversation turned to heaven….and healed hearts…..and eternity.
Every year we remember, but this year, her flood of tears completely took my by surprise.
Mommy” she sobbed after releasing the balloons, 
I just don’t want to wait.  Im ready.  I want to be in heaven now! I want to see her (Annabelle) and be with Jesus
This is what I desire for each of my children….a homesickness for heaven and awareness that this is not our home.  But her wisdom beyond her years has always been a bittersweet trait.
Mommy, I want to be in heaven because I know there are no more tears.”
“Grandma says there will be a special place for me there, right?”
“Is it true that this isn’t our real home, but our real home is in heaven?”
“If I die before you, will I have to wait a long time until you come?”
“But when? WHEN will I get to go?”
“Mom, I want to go now, I don’t want to wait until Im like a hundred years old like you, I want to go when Im six”.

Weighty words coming from a six-year-old.  He has set eternity in her heart.  
She skipped off to the playground……..then bounced back,
 “Ok, Im ready, I want to invite Jesus into my heart“.
We talked about sin and our need for a Savior.  And about grace and forgiveness and the finished work of Jesus at the cross.  And she got it.  In her innocent, receptive, beautiful heart, she got it.  She came home and with her daddy and I by her side, prayed a simple childlike prayer to ask Jesus into her heart….to take away sin and forgive her and give her new life and relationship with Him.
For this day we have prayed for 6 years.  For our daughter to come to know Jesus as her personal Lord and Savior.  To see her walking in relationship with Him.  No greater joy!  Our little “Evangeline” (“bringer of light”) now carries The Light in her heart!
And as I kissed her goodnight, her precious words rang with conviction, 
Goodnight mom.  If I die tonight, Ill see you in heaven!”
This world pales in comparison to the joy set before us!
Great cause for celebration in the heavens today!
Today we remember and honor Evie’s very first friend Annabelle – happy birthday little angel!!
Today celebrate Evie’s re-birthday – only God could draw her to Himself in such sweet timing!!
My heart (and eyes) overflow!
Great is Thy Faithfulness!!

  • Oh my word….how you write this without bailing! What a precious gift!

  • Anonymous says:

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  • Danielle says:

    Love this! Yay! so amazing!!!

  • Laurie O says:

    Dear Mandy,
    Even this morning, my hand touched a picture of Evie in my prayer journal and I prayed what I always pray for her, that she would live out her name and carry the gospel of peace all of over the globe in a body with a mended heart that lasts.

    Then today, this post.


  • Lydia says:

    Truly beautiful.

  • Rebecca says:

    Dearest Evie~

    You are a sweet, sweet gift straight from God! The bond you share with my precious Annabelle has sealed your beautiful mommy’s and my hearts for all Eternity and now it has helped to seal yours! Mr. Scott, Wyatt, Luke and I are over the moon happy for you, sweet girl! We celebrate with the angels in Heaven on this sacred day that you chose to give your heart back to Him and accept Christ as the Lord of your life! HE will most certainly do amazing things through you and it is our JOY to see His perfect plan lived out in you! We love you so much!!!!

    With praise for the GREAT things HE has done~

    Becca Butcher 😉

  • Beautiful post Mandy! Evie is such a precious gift from the Lord

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