Berry Good

Sunday, April 15, 2012
Its my favorite time of year…..spring in the south.  That new baby green lush and new pushing up.  The smell of the first cut grass of the season. Kids squealing as toes dabble in the still cold water of the lake.  Temps rising but not yet sweltering.  Sweaters and boots packed away and exchanged for flip flops and tank tops.  And strawberries…..first-fruits of the summer!

Izzy who holds the record for the second year in a row for filling the most baskets:)
Not excited about her first taste of strawberry from Aunt Rebecca 

Its our annual tradition to spend a morning in the berry patch at Lever Farms.  We went early this year with some friends during the kids spring break which means….we’ll probably be going back.  We picked 8!!! buckets.  And guess what?  We froze half and the other 4 buckets are – GONE!  This crew can consumer their weight in strawberries!  We’ve enjoyed them on cereal.  Over ice cream.  By the handful.  Made strawberry bread.  Smoothies. And fruit salad.  Ate them breakfast….. lunch….. dinner…… and late night snacks!  But Ive got to say, the greatest thing in the world is strawberries over Butter Almond Pound Cake ~ Lever Farms secret recipe.  They sell dozens of these a day and everyone RAVES about them.  I bought one on Saturday and was going to slice it up pretty for Easter Sunday brunch.  But alas…it was gone by dinner time on Saturday night.  How did that happen?

Well worth your drive into the country for a loaf of goodness and a bucket of berries.  You won’t be sorry.

Welcome Summer!!

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