Auld Lang Syne

Tuesday, December 31, 2013
Bidding farewell to 2013 counting my abundant blessings.  Couldn’t have had a better day.
Spent my sweetest New Years Eve Day to date with these 5 angelic beings.
Well….4 angelic beings.  
And one pouty little cherub.
C and Tristan are on a guys trip, so its just been the girls and I enjoying a Christmas “stay-cation”.
Indulgent days where we stay in pajamas until lunchtime.
Lots of Fancy Nancy reading and Monopoly gaming.
All of us have freshly painted toe nails.
And bedtimes have been loosely observed.
Today we set off for the park.  Picnic in arms and camera in hand.
Sometimes I can’t believe they are all mine.  
It truly feels like Im living a Jane Austin or Louisa May Alcott novel.  
How I love my prim and proper “Little Women”….
….and……all their unpolished moments too….
Thanking God today for the joy of being called “Mommy”.
For sticky lollipop kisses…
For my maturing, capable, lovely big-sister, young-ladies…..
And for how they adore their littlest sis….she is one lucky girl!
Giving thanks for all she embodies….

Her sweetness…

….and sass….
…and that big personality condensed in her tiny-cute-self….
….thankful for the hudred times she makes us laugh each day!
Im thankful for the beautiful girlhood/sisterhood they share.
Thankful that whatever life throws at them, they’ll have each other.
Im thankful that through this past year of transition and change and uprooting and a major move, they still have their best friends right beside them.
As Im counting my blessings, I realize Ive come to know these two as friends in addition to daughters this year. Loving having big girls who share the same interests and hobbies as their mom.  
Man having pre-teen girls is a joy!!
And their little sisters have great role models to look up to!
What a gift to have our home and days filled with the giggles and silliness and flamboyant fun of 5 little ladies!

Im thankful for beauty.  
For all the smallnesses….little hands to hold, little clothes to dress, little cheeks to kiss and little hearts to nurture.
Thankful for their long blonde tresses….

and curly mop tops….
Im thankful for the immeasurable joy that comes from seeing them grow and thrive.  And reminded again of answers to prayer that their little lives are.
I love the way they each reflect their daddy’s blue eyes
Today I give thanks for a million memories I hold dear in 2013.  
Thankful for so many beautifully unexceptional days like today.  Just normal days I get to be mommy and love and live with my little darlings.  Giving thanks for these gifts, undeserved, lavished on me.  
My blessings 




 ….and my sweet boy.
Cant WAIT to share what he’s been up to in the next post!

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