All In a Days Work

Thursday, March 18, 2010

As embarrassing as it is to admit, it took a drudging 2 hours to climb out from the 6 loads of clean clothes which had accumulated and were looming as Mt. Neverrest in my laundry room. What a sense of satisfaction accompanies seeing rows and rows of garments pristinely folded and bounty freshly scented!

Our laundry room happens to dub as our utility/storage room with rows of cabinets above the counter where the clean laundry waits (for another week until I get around to delivering it to rooms.)
Isabelle who had just come from a tea party at Grandmas where she consumed no less than six cups of highly sweetened tea, climbed atop the counter space to select Twister from the game cabinet. From the kitchen I heard her shriek,
Oops Mommy. I have a little pob-lem
Upon investigation, I discovered Izzy straddling a pile of hand towels and freshly folded bed linens. Her poor little bladder which has not had single accident since the day she was deemed “potty-trained” couldn’t take the caffeine surge.
I cleaned her up and gathered the piles of clothes up in my arms to send again through the fun spin cycle.
“Oh Izzy”, I bemoaned, “now Mommy has to wash these again”.
Izzy the forever optimist replied,
That be a great idea!
…..Mommy, you be a genius!
…….Im so glad my three year old thinks so!

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