A Tutu, A Tiara, and A Tiny Baby

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What a precious two days we’ve had celebrating our 3 year old!! After church we all went out to lunch. The kids voted Chuck-E-Cheese and I quickly vetoed!! Macaroni Grill it was! Of course there was a slice of German Chocolate Cake delivered by our waiter!

Then it was off to Patti-Cakes for petit fours with pink hearts.

It wouldn’t be a proper tea time without hats!
For the second year in a row, my sweet friend Margaret has given Evie a birthday outfit. Margaret knows how to dress little girls! I absolutely loved it!! Evie is so blessed to not only have two very involved, adoring grandmothers, but a couple of surrogate ones as well! Thank you friend!
Oh how I LOVE that mischievous little twinkle in her eye!
This morning, we set out on a little excursion. It is quite possible that I was more excited about Evie’s birthday date than she was. My very earliest childhood memory is getting a baby-doll for Christmas when I was two. “Angel” is part of all of my most cherished childhood memories. I took her to the grocery store. To lunch at the Swan Coach House. Bundled her in a coat and toted her around Christmas caroling in the neighborhood. She road in the pram with mothers’ “real” babies. It seemed the appropriate time to get Evie used to the idea of a baby, so C and I took her on a special outing this morning…

There is a local toy store that has a “baby nursery” in it. It’s set up just like a hospital nursery and you get to choose a baby doll to adopt. This is her expression the moment she saw the store front window display and asked if WE could get a baby??? Priceless!
Daddy had to hold her up so she could see through the glass nursery window.

What an ordeal! What a hard decision! Blonde hair or red hair? Brown eyes or green? In the end, Evie selected the “preemie” sized baby who looks remarkably like her. Brown hair and blue eyes. It was love at first sight!!

“Nurse Jennifer” then took out her clipboard and conducted the interview to make sure Evie was a “fit parent”. Evie had to promise to sing to her baby when she cries and keep her dressed and warm.

Then the nurse took the baby’s measurements and weight and listened to her heart with a stethoscope. She filled out the “birth certificate” and Evie had to sign her name.
Such a fun event! So, we’re in the car and Evie is dutifully “changing the baby’s diaper”. She gets the doll stripped down and stopped….her comment stunned me. Looking at the seam down the middle of the cloth body, Evie exclaimed “Look Mommy, God fixed her heart too!”
Clearly, we found the perfect doll for Evie!
There was one more hard decision to make for the day. Red Velvet, Cinnamon Swirl, Strawberry or a S’more cupcake?

We stopped at a notorious bakery that we had yet to try….well worth the stop. C and I decided we should try a cupcake as well. So special to have a morning just the two of us and our little Birthday Girl.
One of those golden memories I have filed away. A dreamy swirl of rhinestones, chocolate sprinkles, soft brown braids and a tiny baby doll. Pulling my face with her chubby hand on the way home, she whispered, “I have a secret……I wuv you Mommy!”
I love you too little sweet heart!

  • taylor says:

    I so enjoyed reading your last two posts! Rejoicing with you my friend!! Loved the pink tu tu!!!

  • That is the sweetest post ever! I love her baby! Happy birthday sweetie!

  • Oh my GOODNESS!!! What an incredible day! I can’t think of a more perfect way to spend a birthday! 🙂

    Where on earth were y’all?!

    Love it, and love you sweet Evie! 🙂

  • Crystal... says:

    Love it.. what a beautiful memory for her 3rd Birthday. I love that store… and might need to find one here. Happy Birthday Sweetheart!!!

  • Jess says:

    What a sweet day you had! Where is that store with the baby dolls? Too cute! Cupcake is the best isn’t it??? Happy Birthday Miss Evie! Hugs!

  • ~Trini C.~ says:

    She’s so cute!!!!! What store has the baby dolls? That’s a really cool idea. Evie looks so mature for a three year old!

  • Lindsay Dean says:

    Oh my goodness! What an adorable doll store! You’re day with her must have been heaven sent. Still a little Teary eyed from the “God fixed her heart, too” comment. Precious, precious, precious! Btw, Cupcake is the best store EVER!!! So glad that you could visit 🙂 hugs to you!

  • Rachel C says:

    Cute stuff 🙂
    I’d also love to know more about that store with the dolls. I’ve never seen anything like that – my girls would LOVE it!

  • Lacey says:

    Wow, what a great baby store!! Looks like a fantastic birthday for a fantastic girl!!

  • Donna says:

    You are right…a golden moment that you tuck away!! Such a sweet birthday…that doll store is amazing…and the cupcake time is just wonderful too! She looks like a princess…so darling! Her little green and pink bow and dress are the cutest thing…wonderful post, Mandy!!!

  • katherine says:

    Awh, such a cutie! loved all the pictures and details! She looks so grown up!
    Love you Evie! Happy Birthday!

  • Mary Madeline says:

    Mandy, this made me tear up. So so very precious! What a dream day with your doll baby getting hers. I have never seen a store like that. I can only imagine how she felt… and the parents! I LOVE it! Rejoicing you over the coming of Ella. I love you, Mandy!

  • Jane says:

    What special memories you created! Love the pic of Evie with the cakes and candle. Time for you to blossom out into photography!

  • L O'Connor says:

    Dear Mandy,

    Tears fill my eyes over the last three posts. I am thrilled at the account of God’s goodness and healing, both physically for Evie and emotionally for Evie and all of you too. He has seen you through…and will continue to do so.

    I LOVE every name of your children. You pick names that make me gasp. Evangeline Shalom is still in my prayer notebook and will remain (picture too). Something about her grabbed my heart even before you discovered her ailment…

    Your blog is a work of art, not just a record of life like so many. What a special lady/mom/wife you are.

    Have a wonderful 2011.

    Laurie O’Connor

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