7th Spa & Slumber Party

Sunday, May 20, 2018

The heart-felt blogging thing has moved from a rolling boil to a back-burner simmer as of late, but fortunately, there is always a family birthday to keep us from getting too tepid.   And we are in the throes of birthday season around here!!

March, April, May, June & July…family planning fail! 🙂

We’re nearly buried under boxes around here ( T-minus 5 days till moving day!), but Gigi’s Sweet 7th Spa and Slumber Party was a welcomed diversion.  This momma will always gladly opt for painting nails and curling hair and flipping pancakes over packing boxes!!

In addition to first grade gifting her the most precious teacher in the world, and the joy of learning to read, Gigi has made the sweetest little friends at school this year.  Our social butterfly walked into 1st grade and never looked back!  She came home the first day and said “I made two new best friends”.
When I asked her what their names were, she said “I dont know yet, but they have big hair bows like me!”

Gigi’s got the sweetest “ladies in waiting”.   Big sisters are the best!!  They let her pick out their outfits (little sis has opinions about everything) and they literally “waited on her hand and foot”, painting nails for her and all her guests.  We served breakfast for dinner and watched a movie after spa treatments.  And when I say “slumber party”, what I mean is,

Wear your pjs and slippers too
To do the things I love to do
Breakfast for dinner and of course cake
Paint our nails and stay up late
And when its time to go to bed
We’ll all go HOME and sleep instead!

Happy Birthday to our girly-girl Gigi!

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