Sunday, February 3, 2008

Yesterday was a difficult day.  After several days of fighting Evie has been unable to expel mucus that has been building up in her lungs.  This has caused her to be quiet weak and lethargic which is the opposite of what the doctors would like to see.  In addition, she has been taking very short, shallow breaths that are not expeling the CO2 from her lungs. Throughout the day on Friday her levels of gas which they test from her blood at regular intervals have gotten progressively worse.  Late afternoon they did a blood transfusion to get some better readings.  Inspite of the blood transfusion tests continued to come back less than adequate and last evening around 7pm they did an x-ray which identified that she has either pneumonia or a collapsing of the upper respiratory.  Because of this they decided to put her back on the ventilator for at least two days to let her body rest, start using antibiotics and hopefully try to take her off in a few days.  The benefit of the ventilator is that they can control her breathing and expel any mucus build up.

This morning her blood stats continue to stay poor.  Please pray that throughout this weekend Evie would get rest that her body desperately needs.  Pray also that the condition of her lungs would begin to heal.  

Praise.  Yesterday they took out the last of her heart tubes.  Her heart is strong and working well.  Today they will put in and NG tube to begin feeding her stomach with Mandy’s breast milk.

Thank all of you for your prayers and concern in this difficult time.

We continue to thank God for each day he gives and pray that He would be glorified in this little life!

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