5 Months

Monday, October 24, 2011

Slow down Baby-cakes!  You’re growing toooo fast! 

 Falling more and more in love with the sweet little personality that is emerging!  You are such an easy-going laid-back easy baby.  I feel so spoiled when I hear of friends with babies your age who are still having sleep woes.  You’ve been sleeping through the night since you were two weeks old and you are so content with all the activities and outings that we drag you around to.  God knew we needed and easy baby for #6!  You’re perfect for this crazy family!
 Its been another month of firsts!
You’ve learned to roll over.
Your favorite “chew toy” is your toes.
You’ve started sleeping in your crib….well….some nights.
You’ve become incredibly ticklish and your sisters and brother like “pushing your buttons” like the Pillsbury Dough Boy.
You traveled to the beach and proved yourself a Smith…you loved it!
You went to your first movie in the theater and quite contentedly sat through the entirety of Dolphin Tale with your siblings.
You’ve discovered your voice.  You love to just scream….as loud as you can.  You’re not mad.  Not asking for anything.  Just a shrill, loud squeal over-and-over with a big grin on your face. 
You had your second ear infection this month…not good! 
 Our wonderful pediatrician said if you get another, she’s sending us to the ENT.  🙁
She said she wouldnt be so worried if it was summer, but leading into fall and winter months when infection is prevalent, she’s worried about repeat infections and you developing resistance to antibiotics if we continue treating one-after-the-other.  She said to prepare ourselves for the possibility of you needing tubes put in.  This makes me really, really sad, but I know there are worse things!  
We’ve dealt with worse….
,,,,,ears we can handle!
She explained the higher risk of anesthesia for babies under a year and said that there is now an option of doing the procedure without anesthesia, but the details she explained sounds horrific.  Dont think I could put you through that!  We’ll cross that bridge when we get there.  Praying we wont have to make that decision and that your tiny eustachian tubes will develop and clear and that surgery wont be necessary.
….anyone else dealt with tubes?  Advice?….
Im happy to say, she has grown and passed her “companions” in size….finally.  Izzy and Evie think it is the funniest thing in the world to dress all the babies up together and put bows in their hair and take pictures of them together…..after all, that’s what Mommy does with HER babies:)
Lil’ Peanut is not the littlest one around here anymore!  She weighed in this week at 14lbs!!
Gabriella has had some precious blessings from some dear people this month.  A friend of mine sent her the first book in the “Gigi ~ Gods Little Princess” series.  Ever since we named her, Ive had a dozen people tell me I needed to find that book and its a new favorite.  Evie and Izzy ask me to read it every afternoon at naptime – precious!  And this is awesome….we started receiving anonymous packages in the mail shortly after Gigi was born.  HUGE boxes ordered from Amazon.  No note.  No indication of who they were from.  But regularly and dependably.  Diapers!!  Would you believe it?  This sweet friend (whom we discovered) has sent us a massive box of diapers every month and to this day, we’ve not had to buy a single pack since she was born.  How spoiled are we?  Such a gift!!
And a sweet God-thing….His timing….  I was getting melancholy about packing away Gigi’s preemie clothes as Im pulling out her next size….then the very same day I was putting stuff in a bag to giveaway, one of my dearest childhood friends adopted a teeny-tiny 4lb. baby girl!  Soooo excited for her and thrilled for these sweet little pink things to get some more snuggly wear!

  • Lacey says:

    Oh man, that gorgeous girl fits right in your family! Where do you get all of her clothes? Do you make them, or do you have friends that do? I need some for Arina!!

  • Anonymous says:

    Our daughter had trouble with ear infections in her first year. We took her off of dairy and she hasn’t had another since (she’s almost 5). Painful, yes? But worth it for us.

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