Wishes and Winnings

Thursday, June 28, 2012
We were guests last week at an event put on by Make A Wish for all the wish kids in our community.  A fun night at an amusement park with a catered dinner and all free games and rides.  
It was an encouragement and very humbling to be around so many families who have kids facing big challenges.  A special night of just enjoying life and seeing so many sick kids undeterred by limitations – just laughing and playing and making memories!  We bumped into some of our “heart” friends which is always fun!  
This kid needs to buy a lottery ticket.  We all laughed so hard when she hit the jackpot on an arcade game she played and the tickets started pouring out of the machine.  As in hundreds and hundreds of tickets.  We just stood there for 20 minutes while it dispensed her winnings to cash in for a prize.  Look at that expression of excitement!  Priceless!
  So while the other kids were cashing in their tickets for ring pops and glow bracelets, she walked away (gloating just a tad) with a new Barbie doll.  

 Finally figured out how to get a (non-cheesy) genuine smile out of this boy.  Strap him in a contraption that shoots him 100 feet up in the air and then free-fall!!

Watch out world.  This is an accident waiting to happen.  This girl was CRAZY behind the wheel!
We were almost the last to leave the park.  Late night putt-putt.  Batting cages.  Bumper boats and a dozen dizzying laps around the car track.  More than one sleeping kid in the car when we arrived home!

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