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Thursday, July 9, 2009

The fifteen hour drive from Montana to LA was an astounding display of Gods creativity. Beautiful scenery! Im staying with family here while C travels to Cuba for the next couple weeks. C’s cousin got us tickets to Disney where we had a ball. Isabelle has a birthday this week and she seriously thought the thousands of people and fireworks and Disney princesses were there celebrating HER! She’s at that age where fantasy IS reality

We screamed on rollercoasters, spun silly on the teacups, laughed through the shows and got creative making Mini Mouse hats at the Mad Hatter. Three kids fell asleep during dinner and there was silence in the backseat on the drive home. Blessed exhaustion!

Dizzy-Izzy with Daddy on the Tea Cups

My tired munchkins watching Daddy on the Tower of Terror

My little princess watching the Disney fireworks

  • Anonymous says:

    You are so far behind in blogging. You’re in LA….no excuses of Internet. 😉 Has the sun got to you? That isn’t Izzy in the teacups aaaaand I think you’re the cutesy mousekateer there ever was….aaaaand what happened to ur phone. Horrible text to leave off on….see ya soon.

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