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Thursday, November 21, 2013

What an adventure!

6 years ago this very week, we left Ukraine and embarked on a trip to the US with 4 kids in tow.  I was “great with child,” and had no idea how the delivery of our 5th would so drastically alter the course of our lives!

This week, as Thanksgiving approaches, we celebrate survival of 10 months in Thailand!  Our one-year-anniversary here is fast approaching and I look back with awe and gratitude at how God has so graciously met us each and every step of the way throughout this very uncertain path….over the past 6 years….and over the past 10 months.  

Life has been anything but boring.  

And God has been so sufficiently faithful!..

Our every need has been met.
God has faithfully provided in such creative ways.
He has drawn our hearts to Him through seasons of change and deeper dependance on Him.
And He has made it fun!  

There are certainly days that its just deep-down-heartache-hard to be on the other side of the globe.  But most days, I wouldn’t trade it.  I love this life of adventure and the unique opportunities my children are blessed to experience!

Topping the “fun” list for our first 10 months in Thailand may very well have been Loy Krathong!!  A big traditional Thai holiday.  We were invited to go as guests to our friends home where the complex hosted an extravaganza dinner.  We’re talking “Kentucky Derby” of Thailand.  All the movers-and-shakers in their fancy attire.  White tables on the lawn with fancy chair covers.  Catered meal.  Sushi Bar.  Entertainment.  Professional Photographers.  Traditional Thai Dances.  Raffles.  My kind of wining-and-dining!  Tasted a hint of southern charm! 🙂
A really lovely evening that the kids have been talking non-stop about.  
Traditional Thai attire strongly recommended!
“Princess Jasmine” was too sick with a high fever and didn’t get to go to the party…
…but still wore her party clothes!
My handsome date since C stayed home with poor sweet sick baby.
Lovely Taryn and Caris
My oh-so talented friend Taryn dressed to the tens for a Thai dance performance!!
Britains best buddy Amy – unlimited free cotton candy meant for a difficult bedtime alter!

Look who made their debut on stage!!

Floating the Krathongs.
Banana boats adorned with banana leaves and flowers and candles set to sail

Our lovely friends the Jacksons.  They look perfectly normal.
But don’t be fooled!  They are a way cool, fun, Kung Fu family!
Our dear friends Dave & Taryn and their beautiful girls!
Love our life group!

Ive got to brush up on night-time low-light photography.  Because…..next year, I want to go to northern Thailand where they release thousands of paper lanterns in celebration of Loy Krathong.  
google image
Doesn’t this look dreamy?  Who wants to go and photograph with me!?!?  Girls weekend!!!!

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