What Kind of Love?

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Evie woke at dawn and I brought her downstairs to keep her from rousing the rest of the crew.  We sat in the glow of the white twinkle lights of our tree and she slipped back into slumber.  

I held her in the silence.  Her warm body curled up on my chest.  Fingers intertwined in her favorite crochet blanket.  The steady rise and fall of her breathing.  
Desperately I wished I could spare her the further tests and procedures she will have to undergo in the upcoming weeks (more on that later).  I long to protect her.   To avoid more heartache and pain.  To shelter her.
And my mind wandered to the Christmas Child and our Father God as he prepared to send his Son.  His only Son.  How He must have wept over his Only Begotten.  Knowing the epitome of peace and beauty, comfort and care that Jesus would forfeit to come to earth.  He gave it up for an unloving, cold world that would reject Him.  Our Father knew his Son would be misunderstood, 
taken advantage of,
stricken and afflicted. 
The intense longing to protect my little one at any cost has brought perspective as I contemplate the selfless love my Lord had for me to willingly give His son for the purpose of redeeming a relationship with me.  A sinner.  One who has fallen short.  
He loved me enough to put his child through pain.  
The suffering of his Beloved was worth saving a world the didn’t even know its need for a Savior.
What kind of love is this?

Consider the Love your Father has for you as you hold those dearest to you close this Christmas.

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