We’re Having A…..

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Well, 66 % of you voted wrong….If there is one thing we do consistently, its make girls! We are so excited to announce that God has once again seen fit to bless us with another daughter on the way!! We are honestly SO delighted and have actually all been hoping for another girl….its just the stage we’re in right now and Tristan is very happy in his role as our only and FAVORITE son! And what a wonderful big brother he is!!!
Join us in celebration as we anticipate the arrival of
Gabriella (Ella) Juliette
Even more exciting is the confirmation today that this little angel girl has a healthy heart! We are so grateful for many of you who have written to say that you have been praying for this appointment today and for good news. We were told that the pulmonary artery is exactly where it should be and that this baby does not have Transposition! I really didn’t think I was terribly anxious going into the appointment, but it was a flood of relief washing over me to hear those words.
We’re just basking in the joy of this wonderful news and looking forward to a very different experience with this baby! Her name means “God is my might“. We have seen so vividly, the answers to prayers and the confirmation of His leading in these past years and months. Our prayer for her little life right from the beginning is that she will be a testimony to that and that in the midst of so much uncertainty, our hope and confidence will be in Him!

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