Weekend in Therapy

Thursday, February 14, 2013
Aahhhh…..there are few burdens in life that cant be eased by a little salty sea breeze and sand between my toes!!

I was a little emotional and overwhelmed last week.  

72 hours of sunshine did wonders for me!  

C’s mom was in town and offered to take us to the beach if we could find a place.  With it being Chinese New Year, most places on the sea were booked up completely, but we found modest accommodations in a little fishing village totally “off the beaten path” about 3 hours from Bangkok.  

Nothing fancy (in fact, C says “those pictures look nothing like where we stayed” – way to go photoshop!!), but there was a pool and our little slice of paradise was on a sandbar so it was perfect and shallow for kiddos to run wild!  Tristan even got a little fishing in thanks to Grandma buying him a new fishing rod and a local sushi chef providing him with a little squid 🙂

Hats off to C for braving driving a rental car (tank) with 8 passengers in the backseat, and the steering wheel on the righthand side of the car and driving on the lefthand side of the road.  Going to be a long time before I have the guts to get behind the wheel here!

The timing of a brief get-away and regrouping as a family was perfect.  This week marks 1 month that we’ve been here.  And C left yesterday for Dubai for a week.  

Deep breaths!  

And after 3 days of sun-kissed shoulders, shell collecting and barefoot walks, I heard a few comments from little ones in the back of the car about “going home” to our apartment in Bangkok…..

….I suppose home it is now!

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