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Tuesday, October 8, 2013
A Paper Affair…
I absolutely fell in love with paper at this wedding.  
Have you ever seen such a personal or more unique “please be my bridesmaid” invitation?

My crafty, creative, sister individually adorned personalized invitations specifically for each of her 8 bridesmaids sharing favorite photos and memories and including a personal note asking us to stand by her side on her wedding day.  
Its these exceptional touches that make weddings unforgettable.
I was not of much use from the other side of the globe when it came to wedding planning and preparations.  There were many things I wish I could have played a more active role in.  But….online boutique shopping gave me a chance to participate a bit:)
We had a couple of fabulous new favorite boutiques work with us on some projects and I wanted to share Diana’s “dream team” of wedding crafters and some of our top picks….
With a short 3-month engagement, we were already in a race with the clock to get invitations out once Diana had that sparkling ring on her finger.
We found an Etsy company that was absolutely delightful to work with.  
For any of you soon-to-be-brides reading this, you really ought to check out Dawn Marie Creations!  They customized a design for us and worked tirelessly to tweak our requests in a timely manner and incorporate Diana’s pale peach and pewter grey color scheme.  The result was exquisite lacy shabby chic invitations beautifully introducing her wedding theme to Diana’s guests.

With calligraphy envelopes mailed out and the RSVP’s coming in, it was time to think about the programs!!  
Pink Orchid Invitations came recommended and they did not disappoint.

This handcrafted style, layered embellishments and delicate ribbons made these not just a piece of paper  listing the order of events, but left quite an impression on guests.  They were works of art and a lovely accoutrement to the Victorian vintage ambiance of the celebration.  Pink Orchid designs an endless assortment of paper embellishments for all your party needs!

We were super excited about a rather famous hair/make up artist who had agreed to do hair and make up for part of the wedding party and the bride.  We were looking forward to highlighting their work here as well.
Our excitement was short lived however when this professional bridal company stood us up at 6:00am on the wedding day and apologized later for oversleeping…..
Are you kidding me??!!
There may have been some panicked moments and possibly some tears.
With no last-minute “plan B”, I got put on hair and make-up detail which would have totally been fun if Id geared myself up for it and had a practice run:)  ….and if it had not been my sister whom I was terrified I would ruin on her wedding day.
But honestly, she would have been gorgeous with a paper bag on her head – how could I possibly mess up?  She is absolutely stunning and was glowing on her wedding day.  
What a beauty!….inside and out!

There were so many people who helped and came alongside in countless ways to love Diana and give her the wedding of her dreams.  But, Ive got to offer a little shout out to our sweet family friend Sarah who graciously took on the task of all the flowers for the wedding.  I was in absolute awe.  Of all the bridesmaid dresses I have hanging in my closet….and all the bouquets Ive carried….I must say, these were my favorite!

Stay tuned…..some stunning bridal pictures I cant wait to share tomorrow!!

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