Monday, March 23, 2009

This little guy (affectionately known as Mck Muffin) is in critical condition.  He’s a little heart buddy we have followed for months.  SVT is a condition that sends the heart-rate skyrocketing.  He was diagnosed with this in the womb and was not expected to live.  Since his birth, (until today) he’s had no episodes and every day has been a miracle!  

Evie had several bouts with SVT after her surgery and I vividly remember the barbaric tactics the hospital staff tried to bring her heart rate down.  Holding a bag of ice water over her face and head…flipping her feet up in the air…all in an effort to shock her body back into a regular rhythm.  It was torture!  Eventually a drug was inserted through IV to stop her heart and restart it.  They were terrifying experiences!

All of these attempts have failed to reset Mck Muffin’s racing heart (we’re talking 300bpm!)  Eventually the heart can just stop from overworking.  Please, please intercede with us for this sweet hurting baby and anxious family!
You can check in on him today at this link: Mck Muffin

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