Friday, October 5, 2012
Im thinking about sisters tonight….
The slumber parties.  
The hand-me-downs.
The secrets confided late at night in hushed tones.
The drama.
The special bond immune to the most passionate argument.
The commonality.
The differences.
The grudges.
The years these girls will share growing up together.
The telephone conversations they will have when they all go off to different colleges.
The weddings they will stand beside eachother for.
The shoulder they will be for eachother to cry on.
The advice they will give.
The memories they will share.
I think of my own three sisters whom I call my deepest and dearest friends.  
The first to hear from me when Im at my whits end or need to vent.
And who can still make me laugh like I was a 12 year old.
Im reminded once again of the gift that a sister is…..especially tonight as my heart is heavy for sweet Mia.
Mia is the same age as Evie and a heart transplant survivor.  
Yesterday she left for her Make A Wish Trip.  
Today the unimaginable happened.
What was supposed to be a long anticipated vacation has turned in a moment to the family’s worst nightmare.  Something went terribly wrong.  She is on ECMO (life support) and her body is rejecting the donor heart.
Watch the sweet video Mias family made for the donor family – you’ll need a tissue.  And pray pray pray for a miracle for this sweet girl!!!!!!
Mia is the little sister.
I think of her siblings and the way I know my kids are with Evie wanting to protect and shelter her and I just ache for them.
Once again Im reminded of the fragility of life and the incredible gift from the Lord that each and every day is.  No day is ordinary.  Mundane.  Routine.  
There is too much living to be done to settle into that.
Time is wasted not through inefficiency, but through over-efficiency.  Time is lost by railroading all obstacles and roadblocks and purposeful pauses in an effort to capitalize on time and accomplish the most.  And I am SO guilty of that.
If I had a quarter for every time I heard myself say “hurry”……
Sadly, Im the one wasting time by not savoring the time many days.
Hurry hurts.  
It leaves those in its wake disoriented.
Today the kids were at school.  Gigi was napping.  It was raining.  And Evie wanted to “nuggle together and watch High School Musical“.
And we did.
Yes, in the middle of the afternoon on a school day.
I broke all my rules.
And even made pop-corn.
…..why not?
These are the moments that make the memories.
Someday, we wont remember if we completed that kindergarten worksheet.  We wont remember if I made a “real” dinner or just pulled leftovers out.  But maybe…..maybe this was a day of ‘unordinary’ that will be a happy pause for reflection.
Here’s to beautiful unordinary days!
It was such an honor to be included to photograph this sister-set collaboration between Dayspring Dresses,  Nana Rose Design and Queeny Belle Frills.  These pictures are embedded in my heart.  These are the days I hope they remember of their childhood.  
Giggles and cupcakes and pink lemonade.  
Oh the gift of a sister.

Special thanks also to our friends at Bailey’s Eatery for the beautifully decorated rosette cupcakes and to Reena from Chapin Flowers and Gifts for the gorgeous arrangement for our shoot!

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